Roman Name: Mineva

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Athena Greek Goddess

Responsibilities ( The Goddess of War )

Athena only took part in war that defended the state from outside enemies. Athena has this role because she is fierce and brave in battle. Also, she was called to mediate in several disputes and wars amongst the Gods. The reason being, is she was more a strategist and a diplomat.
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Character Traits

. The Power of War (she was smart in war)

. Peace

. Protection (she protected those who worshiped her)

. Artistic

Family Tree

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. Rational

. Intelligent

. A powerful defender and arbitrator

. Civilized


. Not in touch with her inner motions.

. Unapproachable

. Lack of Compassion


Athena invented the plow, rake, yoke and bridle . The inventions that stuck out to us were the flute and trumpet,
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Fun Facts

Athena is Zeus favorite child.

Athena siblings are Ares, Hebe, and Hephaestus

Athena was often symbolized as an Owl.

When it comes to poetry she is referred as "gray-eyed"

Athena turned Arachne to a spider after the mortal.

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