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September 4, 2018

eSchool Saving Issues

First, please make sure your grades are set to autosave. Here are instructions for doing that.

If you do not see a save icon while in your grade book, then you are probably already set to autosave.

Then, as I sent out this morning, if you have a problem with grades not saving, try using IE.

Next, please complete this Google form as completely as possible so that we can help track the issue and get it fixed.

If you didn't watch the video below...please do!


Do Not Publish Photo List

Just as an FYI, we do have students on a Do Not Photo list. There are currently 5 students whom we are not allowed to post pictures of. If you have one of these students you should have already been notified, and if you were notified before, please go check the list to see if you are still on it. If you will be photographing students and you need access to that list, please let me know and I will share the link with you.

Looking for that WISE form?

Some of our staff favorite links, like the WISE form and the grade change form, can be found in your LTHS bookmarks folder. Anytime you are logged in to your Chrome browser, you will see the folder up at the top right of your screen in the bookmarks bar. Just another way to get you where you need to go!

Projector Help Desk Tickets

They have added a text box to the Helpdesk ticket for projectors. We are asking those submitting a projector issue to add dates and times that a technician can arrive. Master AV has gone in to classrooms to fix an issue and they have been turned away. We are hoping this will help with that.

eSchool email tip

It is best practice to never attach anything to an email you send in eschool. Seriously, you will save yourself some heartache. You have options though:

- you can attach in Remind

- you can upload your file to Google, set permissions so that anyone with the link can view, and put the link in the email text

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Badge Submission is OPEN!

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