This Week In Room 411

Week of September 7, 2015

First Book Order of the Year

The first book order went home last week. These are due back to me by Friday, September 11th. A check payable to Scholastic is the preferred method of payment. You can also order online by clicking the button below.
Scholastic Book Order (Click to Order)

To purchase books on their website, use our class code of GNCFD. We earn points on all books ordered and those points enable our classroom library to grow.

Parent Teacher Conference Appointment Notices

Thanks to everyone for returning the Parent Teacher Conference appointment requests. Your appointment notices are coming home today. Please contact the office in the event you need to reschedule your time.
Donors Choose Photo Permission Form

As part of the requirements for the iPad mini that we received through Donors Choose, I need you to sign the photograph permission slip. Click on the button for an additional copy. Students are bringing them home today.


Monday, September 8th
  • No School

Tuesday, September 9th

  • C-Day: PE/Music
  • Reading MAP Test
  • Band begins: Flutes and Bells
  • Conference Appointment Notices coming home today.

Wednesday, September 10th

  • O-Day: Computers
  • Band: Clarinets

Thursday, September 11th

  • M-Day: PE/Music
  • Math MAP Test
  • Band: Saxophones

Friday, September 12th

  • E-Day: Art
  • Band: Trumpets, Trombones, Baritones
  • Book orders are due today.

Monday, September 14th

  • T-Day: Library/Counselor
  • Band: Flute/Bells
Band Info

Click the button for the note Mr. Foster had sent about the band schedule.



Today students are taking the MAP Reading test. You will get the results of this test at conference time. All benchmarks are complete, and I will be sharing that information with you at conference time.

This week we continue on with The Island of the Blue Dolphins. The class is working hard at using text evidence to support their answers, and to use complete sentences when answering questions.


For those students who passed the test over the NIKE set, they will begin the next set, Poseidon. Those not passing will continue to work on that set. The test for both is in two weeks. While I give time in class to cut out the cards and work on the graphic organizers, there are times when your child may need to bring them home to work on as well. The completed packet is due on the day of the test. Incomplete packets will result in your child completing them during recess and for homework. Dictionaries are always available for your child to take home. There are many online dictionaries as well.


This week our language focus is on prepositions. In writing, students are completing graphic organizers, rough drafts, and then making revisions on their rough drafts. Revisions include using conjunctions and adding detail. I've been very impressed with the work I'm seeing.


This week students will complete and share their research notes on Earth's spheres. They will then learn more about the hydrosphere and the availability of water on Earth. We hope to then begin the simulation on how Earth's spheres interact.


We are taking the MAP test this Thursday, and I will share the results with you at conference time. Students have been instructed on how to use and Both of these programs can be utilized at home, especially on days they do not have homework.

Our objectives for the week are:

  • rounding whole numbers
  • rounding decimal numbers
  • constructing written responses to word problems
Lunch Menu

Click on the button to find out what's for lunch.


So many parents have already signed up. Please consider doing so if you haven't already. Remember that students earn a free mechanical pencil when a parent enrolls in the messaging service.

Contacting Mrs. Martin

Here you can choose a way to contact me, link up to our Twitter page, or the Starside Elementary website. Also, don't forget that Starside is on Twitter. The handle is @StarsideComets