Fast Sam, Cool Clyde, and Stuff

By: Walter Dean Myers

Carnation Charley

In one part of the book, someone dies. The persons name was, Carnation Charley. He wasn't a good person. He did drugs. Before he died, he said that he was going to go to collage and said he was going to be successful. But he went to a store and tried to rob it. The cashier hit the alarm button and the police chased him and shot him down.

Book Summery

In this book there is a kid named Francis. He moves into a neighborhood called 116th Street. There are some people in his neighborhood that become his friends. There names are, Sam, Clyde, Gloria, BB, Maria and Kitty. They give francis a nickname. His nickname is, Stuff.

They all like basketball, so they try out for a basketball team (all the boys do). Stuff and his friends make a club called, The Good People. The Good People try to help people. In one part of the book, they got invited to a party on 118th Street (118th Street is there rival street), they see their friend Carnation Charley and he's doing drugs. Sam and Clyde tell him that he shouldn't do that stuff. Carnation Charley tells them to mind their own business. They get into the basketball team and win a basketball team and Carnation Charley is all good know. He wasn't doing drugs and said that he was going to collage. He tried robbing a store and got killed. They all went to his funeral. Sam got a scolarship to a collage in Arizona. They were all successful.

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