Annual Report

2013 - 2014

Executive summary

RollaDome All Skate is Non-Profit making, Charitable organisation offering recreational skating to individuals as well as catering to large and small group gatherings.

RollaDome All Skate will continue to provide a unique recreational opportunity young people and families throughout the UK, predominantly in London. With a dedicated team RollaDome All Skate will give excellent customer service and would like to see continued growth in dedicated members. RollaDome All Skate will target local markets with special focus given to hard to reach groups, affected social, economic challenges.

With an emphasis on membership services RollaDome All Skate will differentiate itself from other roller sports opportunities in the area by establishing a welcoming friendly atmosphere for our target market. It is important to build long-term relationships with community groups, members of RollaDome Clubs, and school groups. We will also be involved in community activities. We can't just market and sell our services, we must deliver those services with a focus on excellence and best practice. RollaDome All Skate will provide a website that will appeal to all kinds of people looking for recreational alternatives. Times of operations, descriptions of our facilities, and the costs will be included in the site.

Our management philosophy is based on responsibility and mutual respect. People who work at RollaDome All Skate will work in an environment that encourages creativity, learning, personal development and having fun. Along with the team of over 45 volunteers, Concious will play an active role in the day to day operations of RollaDome All Skates roller disco services.

Section 2: Introduction

Another year is coming to an end for all of us. 2014 have been an exciting one, and we're looking forward to the new year to keep bringing roller skating to London boroughs and their families.

To all members, supporters and volunteers: at RollaDome we've always liked to communicate and share our achievements, and we'd like to share with all of you what we've been up to.

Relevant demographic profile of the population served

Service aim, objectives and expected outcomes

Equality and diversity assessment of the service

Activity analysis

Case studies/Service user stories

Evidence impact of service

User feedback

Other service activity

Learning and development

Future plans and targets

W13 Gets Rolling

An exciting roller-skating festival was held, for two weeks, in the heart of West Ealing; from 16th to 29th August 2014, at the open air rink in Dean Gardens.

RollaDome and Conscious, who aims to raise awareness and fundings for charities through music events, came together to organise and deliver this exciting program.

During the day there were open skating sessions, structured coaching, adults lunchtime skate and children’s skating sessions. Outside the rink, local business and associations were involved as well, giving information and proposting activities at their stalls.

The evenings were filled with music and themed roller discos nights. A wide range of other activities were offered around the rink throughout the event, such as Upcycling and Recycling, Get Active day, Carnival Day and Eat Healthy. All the activities, from roller skating to information and refreshement, were designed to involve single participants, groups and offer a great fun for all the family.

We now look forward to 2015 W13GetsRolling, and would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who took part, volunteered their time and shared their skills with us.

Lido Staff get roller skating

Lido staff spent an action packed lunch break, roller skating in the temporary Rolladome rink in Dean Gardens West Ealing, on Wednesday 27th August. The supervised session saw a large turnout of Lido employees display their roller skating skills, with no injuries sustained despite multiple tumbles. The lunch time get-together was a great example of how fun and easy it is to incorporate physical activity into a workday, improving employees health and morale.

If you would like more information on creating a Healthy Workplace, please contact Angela Dodwell, or 020 8280 2287

Summer Skate Camp 2014

Thanks to funding from Ealing Council and The Mayor of London, we were able to offer the opportunity to take part in this years Summer Skate Camp free of charge. Our Summer Skate Camp, saw almost 200 people participating on average 3 times per week. The age group of participants showed an increase in adult participation, with 22 adults aged between 25 and 50 taking part.

During the three weeks of the camp, beginners were introduced to skating and coached on the basic principals of skating. At the same time, Intermediates and more expert skaters, had the opportunity to play hockey and other games, as an introduction to some of the differing disciplines of roller skating.

The final day of the Camp saw a great day of celebration; awards presentations, games and generally a lot of fun.

We would like to thank all participants and their families, for all the support.

Watch RollaDome All Skate on TV

RollaDome All Skate will be featured on the Community Channel, late September - early October. We will keep you all posted, as for now here's a teaser of the program for you to view. We hope you will be watching, learn a little more about RollaDome All Skate and join us soon for some roller skating fun!

RollaDome All Skate 2014 Promotional Teaser

Buddy Scheme Awards with RollaDome

Funded by Hounslow Council, Community First and our families, RollaDome,will this October launch our "Buddy Scheme Awards" initiative, participating the "Young Revolution" Project.

“Young Revolution” is a project designed by young people, to help engage and motivate them, to support and develop their skills and abilities as young coaches. It was developed through consultation with young members of our Saturday school, as a mechanism for their continued development. The goal is to follow them after they've come to master our basic skating skills program, should they not wish to take on a specific discipline skill within roller sports.

“Young Revolution” is formed around the principles of a buddy system. It takes this idea further, by actually creating awards and accreditation for Young Volunteers to develop and expand their skills, through a structured training program. They took inspiration from their recent enjoyment of the 2012 & 2014 Olympic Games, by having Gold, Silver & Bronze accreditation awards. The end goal is to prepare them for taking the National Governing Body training level 1 Coaching qualification.

RollaDome has a long history of working with local authorities, especially with Hounslow Council. The Council supported us through the years, helping us achieving our goals and increasing the number of our events and activities; they will keep doing so within this project.

Who we work with

Urban Futures mission is to develop, promote, deliver and broker services on behalf of the London community (with a particular focus on North & East London). The aim is to raise the achievement and quality of life of residents, and further the achievement of economic, environmental and social development, particularly in relation to employment creation and employment support.

Urban Futures is a multi-faceted urban regeneration company, working to support people and communities in some of London’s most disadvantaged areas. They are a highly skilled company offering a large range of regeneration services which include:

  • Information, Advice & Guidance (IAG)
  • Training Services
  • Young People's Services
  • Welfare to Work Services
  • Airport Services
  • Business Development & Support Services
  • Technical Services

Conscious aims to raise awareness through music, by creating opportunities to bring people together to highlight important issues, campaigns and raise money in the community.

Conscious is a culmination of 25 years of working withing the community and voluntary sector and 30 years of raving. We believe that music unites people and that, when united, people are powerful force. We want to channel that power to create support for community based issues.

Sports and Parks Service

Brent have several sports centres in Brent: facilities such as swimming pools and gyms, as well as a number of outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis courts and cricket pitches.

They also provide information about local sports clubs, as well as our own sports programs.

Meet The Team

Skate School Returns 2014 / 2015

Our club delivers coaching using the British Roller Sports Federation, the national governing body for roller sports here in the UK, structure. It’s the ideal course if you are new to roller skating or if you already know the basics and want to improve your skills.

All our programmes are for children and adults of all ages and abilities, and are available to organisations, schools and individuals. Our programmes are provided in a safe environment where all involved learn valuable skills: These include Improving balance and coordination, Strengthening endurance, Learning self-discipline both on and off the skate rink, Improving life skills , mentoring, discipline and motivation.

Harrow After School Club -Session 1

Tuesday, Sep. 30th 2014 at 4:30-5:30pm

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Thinking about practice a new sport? Looking for a fun and compelling way to stay fit? Have a birthday coming up, and want to celebrate in rolling style? If you're looking for this, and many other ways to have fun with your friends and family, get in touch with us!

RollaDome ready to go BIG!

Joining a long and prestigious list of projects and associations dedicated to health, young people, families and well known charities, RollaDome have recently become part of the selected circle of organisation sustained by the Big Lottery Fund. As a part of BIG, RollaDome will now be partly funded by the incomes of the National Lottery: given the history of BIG, we have to be nothing but proud to have been able to achieve this kind of result.

At RollaDome we aim to give young people, kids and their families a fulfilling experience of sport, health and education through roller skating. Since 2009, we've seen in this pattern and in the enthusiasm of our people a winning formula to get in touch with local communities, give more opportunity to people and create social life events that can reach out for people of all ages: and now we are not alone on this any more. To make it in the BIG’s team almost means two important things: so far, we've been doing things right, and secondly the possibilities opening up to us are now endless.

It’s not just a matter of getting funded – that alone of course means a lot, it means being able to take things to another level and reach out for even more people, increasing the number of projects and get even closer to our people – it’s about being recognized for what we’ve done so far. As everybody else working in the charity world, the struggles are sometimes more than the satisfactions especially when you are basing all your activity on the dedication of volunteers, but BIG “certification” is a huge boost for everybody involved in RollaDome.

Roll on Winter

Following the great feedback of our W13 Gets Rolling project in the summer, we would like to bring the roller-skating activity to spaces across Ealing in the winter as well.

We aim to promote the use of community spaces and active living through roller-skating, making a fun activity accessible to all as an engagment and sports participation tool.

Everyone who attended the outdoor roller-rink enjoyed the experience, and thought it was a great way of bringing people into the park and getting active. Children and adults learnt or improved their skating skills, enjoyed the rolladisco, being outside and appreciated the support of qualified and experienced staff. Many people have taken up skating in the after school clubs, or invested in skates so they can get more active.

We would like to bring the roller-rink to spaces that are underused and areas where people live. For example, Multi Use Games Areas, open spaces, parks, community halls, on or near housing estates around the whole of West London.

What we'll do:

  • Bring a roller-rink experience to boroughs in West London, using open spaces within communities
  • Coaching and equipment required for people in the community tolearn to skate and develop new skills
  • Support local resident associations and community groups and services to attend to engage with the community
  • Provide the rollerdisco on one of the days to bring the community together and have a winter party
  • Get feedback from the people in the community to ensure that we are improving our services continually

This will take an exciting project and a fun activity to areas where people live but may not feel much of a community spirit, or have opportunities to come together as a community. We will engage children, young people and adults in a physical activity that is easy to sustain as well as fun. We will bring the community together having, coached roller skating programs, roller discos, team, speed skating, roller derby, artsitic skating, hockey and team activities.

We can work with local the voluntary sector, residents groups and local services to help promote important heath and well being, sports participation benefit, youth engagement and development messages to people.

This project is about using roller-skating as a tool for community development and involvement. The key is the partnership with the local voluntary sector hub, local resident associations and the RollaDome and Conscious Team to create a sustainable impact on the areas that the rollerink is placed.

How we'll get it done:

  • Work with the local council and voluntary sector community hubs to identify areas
  • Work with local resident groups or representative community groups to engage people
  • Conscious arranges the rolladisco involving local (young) people DJing with established DJs
  • Arrange for the installation of the rollerrink (with cover) for 3 days at each chosen venue
  • Apply for relevant licenses and create event plans, risk assessments etc for each venue
  • Conscious to organise stalls around the rink that enables community organisations to reach the local community
  • Arrange for a team of staff are prepared through training, planning and recruiting paid and unpaid staff
  • Promotion through community involvement, posters and leafleting, social media & partnership working

What can you do about it?

Whether your skate or not, you can help us bring this project to life with a little donation. Just visit our page on SpaceHive, read everything about us and help us out!