Overcoming Bullying

Safa Lakhany

Physical vs. Verbal

Physical bullying and verbal bullying are similar yet they differ in multiple ways. To start off physical bullying is hurting a person and or their belongings. On the other hand verbal bullying is saying or writing mean things.

The types are similar due to the fact that they are direct types of bullying. Meaning the bullying would take place up front and face to face. Suppose you were the bully, you would say or do whatever you wanted to the person rather than doing it behind the backs or referring to them in an indirect way. Another way the two types are similar would be that they both are aggressive. What it means is that they both affect people majorly despite the size of the action. The types are hurtful to people both mentally and in some cases physically. In the end the types both have similarities in the way they are.

Now along with the similarities they have differences. One way the categories are similar is the way they are defined. For example verbal bullying is specified by saying or writing mean things. On the other hand physical bullying is determined by hurting someone or their belongings. This explains how the two types of bullying are different in the way they are. Another way is the way it is expressed. Verbal bullying is expressed in teasing, taunting, threats, blackmail, intimidation, and insults. However physical bullying is shown by hitting, kicking, pinching, tripping, pushing, take/breaking belongings of someones and physically over bearing someone. This proves there is a large difference in the types. In conclusion the two categories have multiple differences.

Overall the types of bullying are different yet similar. Many people jump to conclusions but its important that they understand the issue first. Neither of the types are good, they both are equally bad. Its valuable that people comprehend that words can hurt as much as injuries and they need to stop or overcome bullying despite how difficult it is. All in all the types are different and similar but the bigger picture is to understand, locate the type, and stop the bullying.





The 5 Secret Stages Of Bullying

Confused about whats going? Scared and unsure of the future? This article is here to assist you with that so you are no longer confused or scared! To begin there are 5 steps that happen during bullying that are needed to be known or else the process may be even worse. Knowing the steps will help you overcome and be prepared for what can come next!

Stage 1: The first step in this procedure is "Bullies Wait and Watch". What that means is bullies usually pick someone who is smaller and weaker than them. Next they watch how a person reacts to things, flight or fight. So if you are a victim or think you might think you might potentially be one, make sure to act strong so a bully doesn't make you their victim.

Stage 2: The second step is "Bullies Test Out The Waters With Their Victims". In this step bullies try to be mean to someone and see what happens to decide whether or not they can bully the victim they decided. Usually at this point, the person getting bullied is unsure if the bully was being mean or will it get worse.

Stage 3: The third part in this situation is "The Bully Steps Up A Notch". This is the step where the bullying increases and gets bad and will only increase. Now the victim is certain that the bully has a purpose to what they are doing. Its important that if you are getting bullied ask someone for advice or think of way the bully will stop.

Stage 4: The fourth step is "The Bully Gathers Momentum". Now the person getting bullied is getting bullied very often. They lose hope and feel as if they can't do anything about it. The bully starts saying or doing even worse things. This stage is very hard and its important that the victim does not lose hope because losing hope will make things harder for themselves and easier for the bully.

Stage 5: The fifth part is the worst, "The Bullying Is Fully Established". This point is the bullying is as bad as it can go. The bully is torturing the victim causing them to live in torment. Its affecting the victim and making them not go to the place where the bullying is going on perhaps a place like school or work.

Realizing bullying and understanding the process is very important. If you understand the process you will find it is easier to prevent this unpleasant procedure from even happening. But if you are a current victim always remember that its never too late to attempt to get a bully to stop.


4 Easy Ways To End Your Bullying

Need help with bullying? No problem, this article will help with that! Its very important that you overcome bullying with the help of others. Bullying overall is a very large problem but the horrific part of it is the factors its based off such as looks or race, a factor they can't control. However there are multiple ways to solve it.

One possible solution would be to tell the bully to stop! Its shown that the kids who are afraid to say stop are often the ones who get bullied. Be strong and you will stay strong. This proves that if you say stop you won't be likely to be bullied which solves the problem. Another solution is to ignore the bully. By ignoring the bully you are showing them you don't care giving them no motivation to continue the bullying. It may get tough hearing those words but you must persistent on making it as if their rude words or action don't affect you. An additional solution would be to report the issue to a greater position person. For example if this is going on in school tell the teacher or the principle, if its going on in a place where you work tell your boss. There is nothing wrong with reporting an issue on things that are tough for you, after all you are human not a super human. One last solution for if things get really bad, move away from where the issue is going on. There is no point in being in a place where you are tortured. Go somewhere you know is good and you will be appreciated for yourself.

Following these solutions will assist you in overcoming bullying. No type of bullying is impossible to overcome, you just need to have a lot of perseverance. As difficult as it gets there are as many ways to overcome bullying. Overall there are many solutions to help you extinguish any bullying you might be going through.




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6 Facts About Bullying That You Will Need

Did you know bullying affects 1 out of every 4 kids? Did you know every month almost 5 million kids stay home from school? There are many things people don't know. Many people don't even know what bullying really is. To begin, bullying is an aggressive intentional act by people that is meant to hurt someone. Often the behavior is repeated and gets worse each time. Bullying is shown in 2 ways, direct and indirect. Direct bullying is confrontational, very obvious and usually includes physical assaults. On the other hand indirect bullying is not very obvious and often is preformed in ignorance and spreading rumors. From there the types of bullying are usually broken down into 4 categories, physical, verbal, social, and cyber bullying. Physical bullying is known as hitting, kicking, punching, etc. another person rudely. It mainly happens in boys and causes more fights and injuries. Verbal bullying is calling people names, threatening, and teasing by voice or words. This is the most common type that occurs and can be seen as little even though its not. Social bullying is hurting someone's social reputation by spreading rumors, excluding them from a group and embarrassing them intentionally in public. It happens more in girls and from some points, is the worst. Lastly cyber bullying is bullying someone online such as saying harsh words via the Internet. From there it can lead to physical bullying if things get dangerous. In conclusion, its important that we understand bullying and stop it before it gets bad.





How Bullying Can Change You

The effects of bullying can be very significant. There are multiple causes to bullying such as race, religions, shyness, social ranks. Most people generally know the causes of bullying but they don't know the effects of it afterwards. It's important that people know the effects of bullying so that they realize how large of an issue this is and they help others who are going through bullying, overcome it.

There are numerous effects of bullying. One common effect is people get depression or anxiety. That occurs because people feel insecure or feel bad about themselves causing them to worry often and feel terrible about themselves. This explains why victims of bullying are often upset. Another result would be decreasement in academic activities if the bullying takes place in school which is the most common place. When it takes place in school, GPA and test scores often go down. That happens because kids are lacking attention in school and being distracted by the bully or worrying about what will happen. Also kids are likely to drop out or miss school to try to avoid the problem. Lastly one more outcome can be multiple health issues that can occur. Often people develop mental illnesses that can also lead to physical changes that affect them their whole life if they don't stop the bullying. For example the famous actor Brittany Snow developed a mental health issue that is known as anorexia due to bullying. It made her change physically because she got thinner. She later overcame bullying and is a actor many people love and in fact now she has a campaign known as "Love is Louder" to provoke bullying. In conclusion bullying has many causes and even more unpleasant effects.

People often think that bullying is an issue but not that big since they don't know or think of the effects. The effects of bullying can be very bad depending on the bullying happening and how people handle or take it. Due to these effects, it's important that people address bullying and stop it before these unwanted effects can happen.




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