rocks and minerals

by austin johnston

where minerales are found.

mineals are fond ever where on earth. there are more then 3,500 differint tipes of minerals on earth. minerals can be big cristales or small cristalles. most lely miner are found in the mantle of the earth.


minerals can be bifferint caler, it jast matter what the matterell in it. they can loose pats after watter waers it down.cleavage is a minerals that is breaks can give us a clue about its idertity .it is a minerals that break smooth.there are gimstone there are like pearl,ruby and topaz.

the mohs scale of hardness

the mohs scale of hardness is a scale that go's by how hard the minrals souch as number one is talc five is apatite ten is diamond that is how the mohs scale of hardness go's