The History Of

A summary of hitler

  • Hitler, born April 20th 1889 in Austria, had a pretty rough childhood that involved constant moving with an abusive father. Advancing through hitlers youth it became apparent he wanted to go to art school, though that never came true as hitler first started his war carrier.Hitler first started by joining the german military From there his military rank continued to rise and became a nazi leader. Though failing to overthrow the system once, he continued on to become elected as chancellor, taking full control of Germany. Hitler organized many heinous organized murders throughout his term planning to eliminate the jews and other races starting a depressing time period known as the holocaust. From there history writes itself until hitlers death by suicide with his wife in 1945 and by that time hitler had killed over 11-14 million people, about 2/3 of the jewish european population.
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Did you know

-Hitler even tried to pursue his dream as an artist, but was turned away twice from art school, the second time he was rejected so hard he wasn't allowed to sit in the exams.

-Hitler was a vegetarian.

-When hitler was younger he had a crush on a jewish girl named Stefanie Isak.

Characteristics of hitler

  • craftiness
  • deceitfulness
  • aggression
  • dictator-like
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At war time, the nazi's took over most of Europe in an attempt to dominate under Hitler's command.


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