Bulldogs, Sweet and Lovable

By: Abbie Liberman

What is a bulldog?

A bulldog is a breed of dog that was originated in the British Isles and was trained for bull baiting in the 1300's. Bull baiting is extremely cruel and against the law. Bulldogs were named after this horrible sport.

Bull Baiting

Bull baiting is a very cruel sport that was around back in the 1300's. A bull would be tied to an iron stake so it could only move in a 30 feet radius, and then someone would blow pepper into the bulls nose to make it mad. On command a trained bulldog would run in and try to bite the bull on its nose. Many dogs got hurt in this sport and some were killed, sometimes the bull would even go for the trainer too.


All bulldogs have a large head and a short muzzle. Bulldogs also have most of their wrinkles on their face, neck, and shoulders. Bulldogs can be many different colors like brindle, white, fawn, red, red brindle, black, grey, and many more. Most people prefer red brindle, brindle, or white bulldogs.

Caring for a bulldog

If you have a bulldog you have to care for it everyday by, brushing it once a week, wiping it's wrinkly face once a day, making sure it has clean fresh water at all times, trimming it's nails regularly, brushing it's teeth regularly, and checking it's ears regularly. You should also keep your bulldog air-conditioned during the summer because their short muzzles make it hard to breathe in hot air. Your bulldog can live for ten to twelve years if you care for it correctly.
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Should We Stop?

Some people think we should stop breeding bulldogs forever. They say we should because the breed can have trouble breathing, and can have locomotion difficulties (movement). Some people question if breeding bulldogs should be banned completely.

Bulldogs Make Great Pets!

Bulldogs are great pets because they are so smart. All bulldogs will become loving and protective to children and adults. Since bulldogs are smart and caring, many people want them as a pet, so they are the 4th most popular dog breed in the world. Another great thing about bulldogs is they should only weigh about 50 pounds when they are fully grown, so they aren't to heavy when they are adults.

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