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Announcing the NEWEST Member of the Slim Family!

Slim Hunger Control (or "Slim HC" for short) helps do everything that our original Slim formula did -- regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, fight fatigue... But, even better, this new version adds polydextrose for "hunger control." Folks are having WILD success with this product. To learn more, watch the video below or ask your sponsoring Ambassador for more details on this awesome product!
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Many Ways to Try in July!

Are you curious to try either version of Slim? Do you have friends who wonder what you're raving about? TRIAL GROUPS just might be the perfect way to to try Slim (and Lean!). We have a few options coming up this month. Ask your sponsoring Ambassador to add you or a friend to the group of your choice! (Or message me for details!)

July 9th - 11th - This 3-Day Trial Group is the perfect opportunity to give either version of Slim a test drive. Ask your sponsoring Ambassador to add you or a friend to the group today!

July 9th - 22nd - Our 14 Day Summer Strong Group helps you get started on Slim HC and Lean together! This power-packed combo can help you jump start your summer goals. Anyone who purchases Slim and Lean can join, regardless if you've tried other Plexus products before. Join us!

July 23rd - 29th - This 7-Day Trial Group gives you a little more time to experience Slim, as well as additional information and support. I began my Plexus journey with a 7-Day Trial -- a great way to begin!

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