Super Smash Bros Tourney

WiiU/3ds, Mele, Project M, competition at Freedom in Motion


It's that time again! Grab your GC controllers and Wiimotes! We're having a 3ds/WiiU, Melee and Project M tournament November 24th at Freedom In Motion (26151 Jefferson Ave. Murrieta CA). We will be using the Apex 2014 rules. Custom moves sets turned on, no stat boosts on smash 4

$5 entry fee for singles, and $10 entry for doubles.
spectators: Free, or $5 if doing parkour also.

Project M Rules:
Custom moves sets turned on, no stat boosts. 3ds/wiiU are considered the same game, one bracket.

Smash Tourney @ Freedom In Motion

Monday, Nov. 24th, 12pm

26151 Jefferson Ave


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook. Please RSVP by leaving a message stating what games you will participate in, and hitting the "Going" button on Facebook"


Check in time. 11:30am
Beginning of tournament. 12:00pm

Freedom in Motion Parkour Gym

The Valley's only parkour gym. Freedom in motion was created by and for the areas local parkour athletes. Which may explain why we love smash bros so much. parkour classes available for all ages and skill levels!