Eagle Flyer

September 29, 2014

From the Principal's Desk

Keeping Our Children Safe

As we all return to our respective jobs after summer vacation, we need to recognize that this is a good opportunity for us to review safety rules with our children. Please take some time this first week of school to review the safety rules of walking to school. Also, develop a family plan for emergencies. Decide on a mutual meeting place and contact person that children and adults can count on, should your regular routines be interrupted.

WALKING TO SCHOOL OR TO THE BUS STOP - As a parent you should:

  • Know the routes your children take.
  • Instruct them to travel with others.
  • Tell your children to stay away from strangers, and strange vehicles.

Periodically review general pedestrian safety rules such as:

  • Walk on sidewalks.
  • If there are no sidewalks, walk in single file on the side of the road.
  • Cross the street at intersections only.
  • Follow instructions of school crossing guards.

Celebrate Education Week

We encourage parents and grandparents to visit our classrooms during Celebrate Education Week October 13 - 17, 2014. Please check the website of your child's teacher for recommended specific times. In order to give full attention to your student and protect the instructional environment from distractions, we encourage you to make other arrangements for your little ones.

Book Dedications

This School Year Will Be The Best!

is dedicated to Miss Westcott

Wishing you all good things as you tend your garden of children! Love, Mrs. Sica

From Home and School

Fundraiser: BonTon Community Day Booklets

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CB Cares - Boomerang Awards

Asset # 20 - Time at Home

Young person spends time most days in high quality interactions with family and shares the importance of family experiences in the school setting.

Upcoming Events

October 2014

October 2 & 3 - 6th Grade Clean Stream (Peace Valley)

October 8 - Walk To School Day

October 13 - 17 - Celebrate Education Week

October 15 & 16 - Booktender's Book Fair

October 18 - Fall Festival

October 28 - Picture Day

October 31 - Halloween Parade (2:30 PM)

Academic Excellence * Responsibility * Respect * Citizenship * Cooperation

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Cafeteria Rules for 1st Graders

Every year it takes great patience to get our little ones acclimated to the cafeteria routine. This year we will have our first graders share the cafeteria with their third grade role models. Please review these cafeteria procedures with your child at home.

First Graders are given twenty-five minutes to eat lunch before being able to go out to recess. Any child who hasn’t finished lunch may continue to eat in the cafeteria. Children will go through the lunch line in a quiet, orderly manner. Words like please and thank you are encouraged.

1. Children may talk to immediate neighbors, but not from table to table.

2. Children are to stay seated until excused. Children are to raise their hands if they need something or would like to use the rest rooms.

3. All food must be eaten, discarded or packed to take home before leaving the lunchroom.

4. Children will not play with or throw food.

5. Children will line up by tables, empty trash, take care of trays and follow the directions given by the adult.

6. Children will exit the cafeteria into the hall in a quiet, orderly manner.

7. No talking or noise making is permitted when an adult uses the microphone.

In order to get your children into the lunchroom routines and time schedule, we are going to refrain from serving snack for the month of September. In the past, too many children were leaving their lunches uneaten in order to buy snack. This is not a punishment. It is our hope that by the end of September the children will be able to balance eating, socializing and snacking. Please continue to provide a healthy snack for the classroom.

One final suggestion: Please put your child’s name and class on his/her lunchbox, coat, hats, and mittens. This will lessen the contributions to the Lost and Found.

Thank you for your cooperation in making our lunchroom a safe and pleasant place to be.

Attendance Concerns

Students are required to bring a written note to school when they are absent or tardy. An Unlawful Notice will be sent home when a student is absent three days without an excuse note. Any subsequent absence will result in truancy charges being filed. This will require parents to meet with the principal to establish a Truancy Elimination Plan. Parents are encouraged to check the Parent Portal for their child's attendance records.