The Harmful, Illegal Drug......

What is it?

Steroids is a drug that can cause people to have a higher muscle weight, and humongous abs. This drug it is currently illegal in Canada because of its harmful effects.

The Dangerous Effects

Steroids has a lot of harmful effects. Steroids can cause liver damage, kidney damage, balding to woman, decreases appetitie, increases heart rate, leads to death, and a higher blood pressure.

The Influences.....

The drug steroids, has lots of influences. People's friends influence them to take steroids. If parents take this drug, their kids might start to use this drug. Also, adds may try to convince kids to take this drug if they want to be cool. People will be more convinced to take steroids if they see a role model using drugs.

Places For Help

Some places for help are:

1) Medical areas (doctors, hospital)

2) Parnets/Guardians

3) Trusted Adults


5) Teachers

6) Support Groups

7) Rehabilitation/Occupation Therapy

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The Detterants:

Some Detterents of steroids are:

1) Negative Health Effects

2) Costs

3) Law

4) Commercials and Adds

5) Parnets

6) Friend's and Family's Values

7) Doctors/Medical Protection

8) Religeon

9) Your Children

10) Fear

11) Loss of Job oppurtunities

12) Schooling

13) Travel

14) May die if take drug

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