By : Ishaan Surve


The French flag has 3 colors: ( Tricolor): white, blue and red.

1. White: white stand for royalty.

2. Red and Blue: stands for the French Revolution.

3. The Capital of France is PARIS. It is among the most visited tourist destination in the world and Eiffel Tower is the one of the most famous landmarks.

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In France cooking is considered an art.

Some of the popular French food are: French Fries, French Cheese, French Toast, Pie, Madeline, Croissants', Cream Bulee, and Macaroones.

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France has many different types of music and here is the French national anthem.
France National Anthem - La Marseillaise (Instrumental)


In France many artist make their art and they paint portraits. The French have a great love for art and there are many museums and gallery that exhibit many famous paintings.


This is a traditional French dance.
Traditional French dances (1)


1. A majority of the French people are Roman Catholic.

2. Islam is the second largest religion in France.

3. A small percentage of people are Protestants, Jews and Buddhist.

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Traditions and Culture

1. In France you have to put your hands, but not your elbows on the table at all times when you are eating.

2. All French kids have to go to school between the ages of 6-16. But most of them start with preschool at the age of 3.

3. They have no school on Wednesday afternoons, but go to school on Saturday mornings.

4. Soccer is the favorite sport of the French. Rugby and Skiing is also popular.

5. The French host the Tour De France, the most famous cycling event in the world.

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1. Christmas and New Year are their main holidays.

2. French spend Christmas season with their friends and family. They exchange gifts and children leave their shoes near the fireplace for St. Noel ( Santa) to give them candy and gifts.

3. On Christmas Eve families gather together to eat turkey, baguettes, oyster, and escargots. A special frosting-filled dessert called buche de Noel is severed.

4. The biggest national holiday is Bastille Day celebrated on July 14. On this day the French celebrate the French Revolution and the French government. They have parades, picnics and fireworks on this day.

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Interesting facts about France

1. France is just as big as Texas. France borders with Spain, Italy and Switzerland.

2. 9 out of 10 French live in cities.

3. Everyone in France speak French, even though they might have come from different countries.

4. France is a world leader in producing milk, butter, cheese, wheat and wine.

5. Fashion industry is very important part of France and Paris is the heart of the fashion world. many of the world's best fashion designers live in Paris.

6. The French currency used to be called the franc, but now it is Euro.

7. Train is the most used mode for transportation for both the French and for the tourist .One of the world's fastest train called the TGV is in France.

8. There is a big underwater tunnel for trains between London and Paris.


1. General Charles De Gaulle, was the leader of the French revolution and the most popular French president. Today the Paris International Airport is named after him.

2. Joan of Arc, a farmers daughter who led the French against England, is the patron saint of France and the French National hero. She led them to victory against England and is nicknamed Maid of Orleans.