Jim Crow Laws

Patrick, Jacob, Dylan

where was Jim crow laws established

The Jim crow laws were established after the area of reconstruction in the south. The amendments to the constitution were accepted by the southern states but by the end of it the power for the federal government to control the rights of slaves had weakened. The southern states still believed that people of color were second class citizens so, they did their best to limit their rights. They passed laws that separated blacks and whites in every fact of life including transportation, schools, lodging, public parks, theaters, hospitals, neighborhoods, cemeteries, and restaurants, and Inter-racial marriages were prohibited as well.

why was the Jim Crow law's made

The laws were established near the end the reconstruction of the south after the civil war. Though we had won there were still a lot of southerners who still didn't see that things should be equal for all races. The federal government was in control of the south for a time but once they were admitted back into the states they were able to make their own laws and vote representatives into the federal government. Once they were back in the states they were able to create new laws and continue their racist ways.

how did it end

Later the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was able to reverse these laws but not until halfway into the 19th century. When the supreme court struck down the segregation of school laws. The laws that did truly end it were the civil rights act of 1964, voting rights act of 1965 and the fair housing act of 1968.