Fall Centerpiece

Elizabeth Toles & Izabell Ventura


5x10' Burlap roll- $3.99

Glass bottles- $9.95

Floral wire (22)- $2.99

Wooden basket- $5.08

Artificial Moss- $4.49

Total: $26.50


Our center piece was more vintage. We think the vintage look was great for our fall center piece. It showed the meaning of what fall was, and when the browns, oranges came together they looked good for a design, along side other colors like purple and green. The colors were mostly browns and a dull green. There was also oranges to bring everything together.

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We made burlap flowers because we wanted everyone to feel like fall was here. We also had other flowers that we used as fillers so it wouldn't look too over the top with burlap. We used three purple bottles as vases for the flowers which went with the basket. We have a basket that ties everything together and holds the vases. We liked the way the basket was green and brown, it was the definition of fall.