Dwarf Planets

By: Celeste,Bryce,and SophIa

General Information about Pluto

Pluto is a Dwarf Planet. Pluto is made out of frozen nitrogen, water ice, and the center is rock. It is the farthest planet from the sun. Pluto's rapid rotation gives it its unique size. Its categorization is orbiting the sun. Other examples of of Dwarf planets are Ceres,Haumea,Makemake,Eris,and the unnamed V774104.

Physical apperance

Pluto has a unique mix of colors like yellow,blue,and grey. Pluto is a gas planet it is also the largest dwarf planet.

Size Comparison

Dwarf planets are bigger than Asteroids and Asteroids are bigger than Comets.

Interesting facts

Pluto has five moons the Charan,Hydra,Nix,Kerberos,and Styx. Pluto is named after the greek god of the underworld Hades.