Friday Focus

October 9, 2015

I know we all think it feels like April and May on steroids around here this fall. Yesterday, I issued the third and fourth 10 day suspensions of the year and tried to see what the capacity limit is on ISS. I am not 100% sure why they are not settling in well like in previous years. We have had a lot of change, and I am sure that effects the student climate more than we know.

There was more turnover than normal in our staff with five new teachers for the students. Students are definitely pushing their limits and to see what the new teachers are all about; however, I think the new staff has done a wonderful job of standing their ground, even with our most trying students. Veterans make sure you stop by and check in on a first or second year Hallsville teacher. You have had these same students before and have valuable insight for them.

We have more new students in our high school and that is a change for the ones already here and established. They have not all figured out how we like to operate things at Hallsville and they need some adaptation time. I believe some of the new students have kept the others stirred up, because everybody needs time to feel each other out and know where they stand.

Even having a new building addition and moving other teachers around adds to the chaos. They have a different routine for getting to science, choir, and body conditioning. You wouldn’t think that is huge, but we have had problems with students figuring out what is acceptable behavior when walking through the cafeteria to get to the new hallway.

All I am trying to say is that "this too will pass." Students will settle down and we will get back on track. I know this is trying your last ounce of patience. Do something fun with your family this weekend and re-energize for me please. Go out and find the strength to help me calm this place down. We are all frustrated and frazzled with the students, but I need you to take a deep breath and lead with a calm confidence. The students read us so well and when we as a whole staff get on edge so do they. I need everyone to model that good kind soul we all have. We will get back to the Hallsville HS way very soon. You are the most valuable and sustainable resource this building has to making it a better place. Please know that I understand your frustration and that you are trying your hardest. I am only writing this message to inspire hope that we will succeed.

So kick back this weekend and watch some professional baseball or enjoy Mizzou Homecoming. To all the cubs fans in our school, (which I can’t figure why it is so many of you) I hope you have a terrible weekend, but still come back re-energized despite being a cubs fan.