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Team Froelich ~ July news 2014

Tip from the Top

"I work hard to build a relationship with my hostess before her party so we both feel like we are a couple of friends getting together. Then, at the party I can concentrate on connecting with the guests. I try to connect with each guest and ask everyone to book their own party!"

Dana Spence, Senior Director

Ladies, we hear it all the time, and it's really true...RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation of our business! Focus on building a relationship through hostess coaching - you're not only setting your hostess up for success by coaching her to maximum rewards, she will get to see how wonderful you are, how much fun and how easy your job is, and she'll be your next recruit!
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How to Earn Ready, Set, Sell in August

  1. Schedule your own Open House
  2. Hold a Flash Sale on retiring products you have in stock - use the money earned to buy prints/products staying on for Fall.
  3. Host your own Facebook party
  4. Leverage your Email Marketing Report to reach out to customers who have clicked on your newsletter
  5. Do a mini Booking Blitz and offer an incentive for hostesses who host and close a party by August 15th.
  6. Reach out to far away friends and family and let them know you're hosting an online party
  7. Host a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House - sell the Red Wave thermal totes for $20 (plus shipping and tax) and use the extra $2 to fill with items and then donate your totes to your local RM House!
  8. Ask to set up a table at your local hair salon or gymnastics studio
  9. Take Back-to School orders on Chill-icious Thermals - offer the 2 for $45 deal (2 Chillicious Thermals and 2 ice packs for $45)
  10. Do a 12 hostess challenge! Get 12 people to sell $100 by August 15th. Target people who fear no one will show up at their home parties. Split the hostess rewards:

  • 2 earn $50
  • 2 earn $40
  • 2 earn $30
  • 3 get one half-price item
  • 3 get free Hostess Exclusives

11. Host a Mystery Hostess party

12. Host a Back to School event and invite teachers

13. Host a "Big Summer Blowout" and focus on retiring prints and products

14. Cash for the Classroom - offer 20% of sales to teachers who collect orders and submit at least $200 by the 15th. You can keep or give away the hostess rewards.

National Conference 2014 HIghlights

After having not attended NC in a couple of years, I am so glad I went this year. I don't plan to miss another one! You can't help but walk away feeling re-energized in your business and who doesn't love having a few days with the girls getting the inside scoop from the top talent in our company? It's always wonderful to hear from our amazing leader and the Home Office teams. This year, many consultants from all different levels took the stage and shared their top tips, many of which I'll be sharing through our Facebook page over the next few weeks. There's nothing quite like seeing the new products live with 20,000 excited Thirty-One sisters! And, one of my favorite parts of NC is being led in worship by Cindy's husband, Scott Monroe, who was a full-time worship leader before he became our CBO. I've always believed that my Thirty-One business is a gift from God and I love that our company never forgets who is our real CEO. After all, He placed this amazing vision in Cindy's heart and it is her obedience to His calling and His guidance through the years that have led us to be at the top of the industry.

NC 2015 will be held in Denver (for Consultants West of the Mississippi) and Columbus (for those East of the Mississippi) in July. Did you know that you are 40% more likely to promote if you attend NC?

Who are we going to be cheering for in 2015 as promotions are celebrated? It can be YOU! Let me know if you are interested in attending and/or promoting!

Heather's Stats

PV: $799.00

Parties: 3

Recruits: 0

Paycheck at the Consultant Level: $199.75

Paycheck because I chose Leadership: $318.67