American vs. Mexican War

By: Anjeica Harrison

The Mexican-American War

This war happened after Texas won its independence. This is an important war of history between the Mexicans and Americans.


The war with Mexico wasn't justified. The war was an overall result of lack of communication. Had the two places talked everything over and at least tried to come to an agreement the war wouldn't of had to take place. If the U.S and Mexico had gone over what each wanted instead of threatening and taking over places the war in general would of had to take place.

People of The War

General Winfield Scott

Winfield Scott was a general (American) in the war. He was born on June 13, 1786. He went to the College of William & Mary. Two years after becoming a lawyer he became a U.S army captain but before that he served in the Virginia militia. He took part in the Battle of Chipawa on July 5th and he won at Contreras and Churubusco August 20th. He was wounded badly at the Battle of Lundys Lane.

George Brinton McClellan

George Brinton McClellan was a brilliant mechanic. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1846. He also went to the United States Military Academy. After the academy he helped build bridges and roads in the Mexican-American war under the command of General Winfield Scott. He was also at some point a major general in the union army.