Archaebacteria Kingdom

Gu min Chung, Taemin Choi

What domain is your kingdom in?


What type of cell do your organism have in your kingdom?

The archaebacteria is prokaryote cell structure. Meaning it is unicellular in its make. It is very simple structure without a nucleus or other organelles.

Do organisms in your kingdom have cell walls?

Their cell wall doesn’t contain peptidoglycan. The rigid cell wall supports the cell and allows archaebacterium to maintain its shape. It also protects the cell from bursting when present in a hypotonic environment. Archaebacteria have lipids in their cell membranes. They are composed of branched hydrocarbon chains, connected to glycerol by ether linkages.

What number of cell do organisms in your kingdom have?


How do organisms in your kingdom obtain nutrition

Archaebaceria obtain their food via hot springs and saline areas which helps them produce and obtain energy. Decaying plants and soil are also sources of food.

What are three members of your kingdom

-Methanibrevibacter smithii, the dominant archaeon in the human intestinal tract. It consumes end products of bacterial fermentation.

-Halobacterium salinarum: salt-loving archaeon. Found in salted fish, hypersaline lakes, and salt-evaporation basins.

-Thermococcus litoralis, grows near and around deep-sea smoker vents

Hat are three interesting facts

They are not actually bacteria, but belong to their own dominion

-No species of archaebacteria is known to cause infection or disease

-They are drawn to extreme environments, such as: Thermal vents, hot springs, methane infested areas