The Road to Perseverance

By: Andrew McGovern

What is Perseverance?

The way we overcome or overwhelm adversity and have success with it. For example in soccer you could be 10-0 and then if you keep trying to win and you do or get close to triumph that is what i call perseverance. Also it can be in war with countries fighting for territory they can keep trying to win over the others which they might. As i may say "Don't pass the bird until it passes you." This means don't think to fast what may happen until you really want to complete the truth.

How did he reach Success or Triumph?

His parents were rich because they where in the parliament of Great Britain. As he grew up and passed through school he went to military school and became a correspondent until he joined as a soldier and then got captured as a POW for a month. After he joined politics in Great Britain he pursued his career there but he also painted and wrote books along his career. He wanted be in the war in person but his companies in didn't and once they realized they swiftly moved him out of the government. As timed passed he moved back in the government and went up in positions until he found himself the prime minister of the Great Britain empire, although he was fairly far in politics he still painted and wrote books about his life in the war. Eventually in late times he was made a legend.
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Losing to Win Overcoming Adversity's

In Losing to Win the video the girls who were exposed to drugs by their parents are moved to a separate school because of usage. The biggest adversity they faced is losing every game but being able to continue with their coaches that have helped the all the way in real life. Although losing every game is bad they have been able treat it like a stepping stone that there is many levels. That is why i think it is the biggest adversity to overcome.
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Jackie Robinson Seeing and Overcoming Adversity's

He faced some big Problems one would be that he had food thrown at him because he was black on the baseball field and back in the day everybody hated black people during baseball but he was their from the start to the finish. He overcame this adversity by fighting off in the locker room an playing well on the field it turned out to serve him will throughout his life time till he made history.

For Conclusion:

Persevering is a life lesson you learn sometime whether you want to or not some people may face really early in their lives or in their 80's when their family is leaving them.But in all we need to know that persevering is neither good or bad it is just what situation you are in a car accident or falling off your bike when you are learning to ride with your parents to catch you.Overall persevering is not a lesson it just something to catch on to like a train except it is moving or you are growing up.
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