Animal Trainer

By Alondra Moreno

Job description

An Animal trainer is a cool job to work with all different kinds of animals such as dogs , cat , monkeys , dolphins , killer whales , etc. Animal trainers study zoology , biology , and other school subjects. Animal trainers need to have other talents such as swimming , scuba diving , public speaking , etc. Animal Trainers can support a family and can support yourself with the money they make. Over all to be an animal trainer is really interesting and fun because you can be with animals all the time , and help them do cool tricks and performances.

What does an animal trainer do?

  • Animal trainers train all types of animals like dogs , cats , birds , and etc.
  • they train animals to behave by themselves
  • help people who are blind or deaf , or even mobility impaired
  • also to play in movies TV shows , and etc.
  • They train dogs to police rescue , hunt , track , and to do tricks etc.
  • They train horses to compete in races , paces , and stands etc.
  • It really just depends on what type of animal they train , and what purpose is for the training

What do you have to study and what talents do you have to have to be a animal trainer?

  • To be an animal trainer who have to have to take vocational schools and colleges coursework and degree programs , but apprenticeships to more experienced trainers are usually required too
  • marine mammal trainers may require a bachelor's degree
  • studying zoology , biology , and chemistry
  • Also you may have to have additional skills such as swimming and scuba diving
  • To be an animal trainer you have to have a huge amount of patients when a animal misbehaves
  • Holland interests codes - realistic , social , and conventional
  • good judgment
  • public speaking
  • good physical condition

These are some pictures of Animal Trainers doing their job

This is a video about how to become an animal trainer

What types of ways do they train , and how much do they get paid?

  • Animal trainers have many different teaching skills and ways to train
  • The most simplest teaching way is to reward the animal once it does the trick correctly
  • They also use a click method when they use a clicker when the animal misbehaves
  • they also use the method when they use their hand as hand gestures to the animals
  • Also they use a whistle to use when to start or stop a trick
  • Professional animal trainers get payed an annual average of $25,950
  • The pay is usually low for some animal trainers and they tend to find work in kennels , stables , and grooming to make more money
  • More exotic jobs such as live show , movies , zoo , and TV shows tend to make more money and hard to find
  • The project growth is more slowly than others 3% to 6%