Wang's Kitchen!

Best buffet in the East!

Best Chinese food there is!

At Wang's Buffet we just have only the best food served to you at only the best prices!

Here at Wang's we say, "Anything that walks, swims, crawls, or flies with its back to heaven is edible!"

But what kind of business are we?

Actually, the reason I said "we" is because Wang's is owned by me and my friend, making this business a partnership. Because we are a partnership we can raise more money easier than if either one of us went solo. We also do not have to pay corporate income tax! Because of it being multiple people we have a diverse group to be able to make decisions and also we have unlimited liability.

Positions needed for the business plus starting pay! (rates subject to change)

  • Cashier - $8.00/hr
  • Chef - $20.00/hr
  • Waiter/Waitress - $8.00/hr
  • Bus Boy/Girl - $6.00/hr
  • Personal note to future employees, as the owner and managers of Wang's Kitchen, I will not be dealing with worker unions as this would just be a burden and a problem for me.

Employee Concerns.

First off I'd like to point out that in turn for their great service we treat our employees with utmost respect and treat them just like family. This is exactly why we will not allow for labor unions in our business. Because we will respect and try to work personally with our employees they won't need the help of unions for a better pay and working conditions. For the most part as managers unions can be very frustrating to deal with in terms of our management and how we are to lead our work force. For one example, in terms of disciplining or termination, even if the discipline or termination was justifiable, the union will work against us to prevent this leading to frivolous grievances and/or unreasonable resistance to management decisions.
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Going Green? Why yes we are!!

First off, as a buffet, you are probably thinking that we will probably be wasting lots of food, have lots of refuse, and will probably be very polluting depending on the revenue we use. Well, not to worry! First off on the subject of food waste we will be implementing a compost system so that we will be able to grow more fresh fruits and veggies and feed the animals that'll go straight to your plate! In terms of uneaten food, we will be donating it to those in need so we will also be helping out the local community while we are at it! For trash, we will be using biodegradable paper products, (tissues, paper towels, and the such), and will be sure to use our grey water efficiently by reusing it to water our local gardens! Lastly in terms of pollution we will be using energy saving utilities to keep our carbon footprint smaller than the average business!

Start up costs.

  • Retail Space - $200,000/year
  • Walk-in Freezer - $2,000
  • Oven - $3,000
  • Various kitchen/customer utensils: Serving Tongs, plates, spatulas, pots/pans, ect. - $10,000
  • Buffet serving units - $5,000
  • Cleaning supplies: Mops, rags, brushes, soap, ect. - $5,000
  • Miscellaneous - $5,000
  • Total start up - $230,000
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Advertisement and competition.

At Wang's we believe that our food is so good, that most of our advertising will be by word of mouth from our customers! At the same time, being realistic, we will probably be using social media, television ads, fliers, radio ads and whatnot to keep our restaurant known to the people

In terms of competition we will just have to use better quality ingredients and have better overall food to be able to compete with the other Asian restaurants in the area!

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Identity theft? I think NOT!!

As an owner of Wang's Kitchen, it is glaringly obvious that some people will want to steal my identity and/or my bank pins to be able to be just as successful as Wang is! Here is a list of things I will do to protect myself from such underhanded tactics.

  • Insurance on my property and business
  • Making sure I don't carry around unnecessary identifiable documents
  • Guarding my wallet - You take Wang's wallet, Wang take your life.
  • Being aware on the Internet
  • Shredding all my personal documents that I do not need
  • Keeping a close check on my bank activity

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