Advantages of coal

Some advantages of coal are...

Advantages of Coal Energy

1) Availability and ease of transporting: Coal reserves are available across the world in most of the countries. Energy intensive industries get their requirements fulfilled even if they are located away from the mining site.
2) Affordable and stable prices: Unlike other energy resources, coal is still the cheapest mineral. Also unlike other mineral, its prices in open market remains more or less stable, thus its usage is a lesser volatile proposition for industries.
3) Easily scalable: You can have a 200MW thermal plant as well as a huge 20,000 MW plant. It is easy to make coal plants of different sizes for power generation.
4) Easy to Burn: Coal has a high calorific value thus we get most energy by burning a smaller quality of coal as compared to other sources.

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These are some more advantages of coal

5) Low capital investment required: Unlike wind or solar energy generation facilities, Coal mines and extracting coals is a cheaper alternative.
6) No Politics please: Unlike crude oil, coal reserves are available in all continents thus you don’t have bodies like OPEC dictating terms regarding its production.
7) Safer as compared to nuclear energy: The safety precautions required to operate coal plant are way less stringent compared to nuclear plants (which is being touted as an alternative).

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