A Note from the Director

What's New at Liberty Academy?

Agreements and Contracts

It is imperative for students to partner with the Liberty Academy staff to ensure success. Our staff is committed to each student’s growth. Students who do not commit historically have a harder, shorter experience at LA, and thus, fall short of their goals. Additionally, students who do not partner are usually those whom consistently resist help, support, interventions, and relationships, and will forfeit their opportunity to attend LA. Those students who are receptive to the support and partner with LA staff are often quite successful!

This week I will be meeting with students to outline our agreement with them as well as create a contract that will put your student on a path towards success. The contract will be written in any or all of the following areas: attendance/tardies, behavior, and credits. The area(s) are determined by using data from last semester. Completed contracts will be shared with parents.

Level System

Liberty Academy is more than just smaller classes in a different locations. We are committed to giving students the skills they need to be successful in the 21st Century. In order to help students improve in the area(s) of attendance, behavior, and/or credits, a level system has been established. Students will be rewarded for meeting school goals in these three areas, or they will be supported in order to improve in one or more of these areas.

Data from attendance, behavior, and grades will be used to determine which level your child lands. The students will remain on that level and receive the rewards and/or supports for three weeks. New data will be used to determine the level for the next three weeks, etc.

The following link is how we introduced the level system for kids. Additionally, more details were shared with the students via this presentation. Please feel free to check it out!

A Vision for Liberty Academy

Liberty Academy is taking steps each day to live out our new vision statement:

  1. Liberty Academy is a place where students have the time to deeply explore their strengths and passions within an authentic, experience-driven learning environment.
  2. Liberty Academy is a place where students find confidence, relevance, and agency in their own work as a result of the caring relationships they have with staff and the personalized nature of their learning.
  3. Liberty Academy is a place where students are equipped with the success skills and tools necessary to become architects of a better world.

Last semester students had a lot of choice and freedom as they worked on two different genius hour projects. By utilizing the framework of inquiry, research, collaboration, presentation, and reflection, students were able to explore a passion or career possibility of their choice.

This semester our innovation hour (7th hour Study Skills on the schedule) will start by exploring the career cluster of arts and communication. Mr. Smith has worked hard to create a reverse internship by partnering with multiple community businesses in this career field. Students will learn about all of our community partners, select one of interest, and will be given a challenge. Students and teachers will employ design thinking in order to work collaboratively to rise to the challenge. Project and time management, effective communication with superiors, creativity, and collaboration with others--all essential 21st Century skills--will be necessary. Final products will be presented to the community partners. We are excited for this opportunity and real life experience for our students!