Strategy #42 - SQ4R Study

by Amanda Miller - Section A

Six-step strategy, best used for older elementary students when reading content-area text books.

✔️ Comprehension

✔️ Content Areas

✔️ Grades 6-8


Students use this strategy to better remember and comprehend their text book readings. Using this strategy helps slow students down and enable them to better recall the main ideas of a text.


Students should use this strategy when reading content-area textbooks or non-fiction works to form a mental framework of the text chapter.


SQ4R =

  1. Survey - skim through chapter; look at main headings, graphics, vocab, summary
  2. Question - use section headings as questions and then...
  3. Read - read section to find the answer (purposeful reading)
  4. Recite - say or write 'answer' found after each section in your own words; take notes, highlight main words
  5. Relate - use prior knowledge about topic to connect new ideas or content
  6. Review - after reading whole chapter, review each section's question and answer (try without looking at notes)
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✔️ Students identify main ideas in a text

✔️ Students cute textual evidence to support their understanding

✔️Students analyze the relationship between individuals, events, and ideas in a text