Pistachio Project


Why Pistachio?

Firstly, pistachio is our native tree. Uzbekistan is home to many species of pistachio. Secondly, in light of the increasingly growing aridity of Uzbekistan the pistachio is ideally sustainable to dry conditions . Thirdly, the pistachio is a very profitable crop. Pistachio is 50 times more profitable than wheat production on these arid lands. For more info watch the video below:
Фисташки: чем они Полезны?


People did not want to plant pistachio although the Central Asia with Uzbekistan was the birthplace of the species. Iran and Turkey are among world leaders in pistachio production whereas Uzbekistan has far better conditions for this tree. In those countries pistachio is called "green gold". The main turn-away was that people did not want to wait 5-7 years before the pistachio starts fructify. We decided to make an emphasis on promoting pistachio agroforestry as a business model for local people stressing its economic profitabilit


In the world market, because of high taste qualities, pistachio nuts are 3-4 times more expensive than that of walnut and almonds. Iran and Turkey are the main suppliers of pistachio on the world market. In these countries pistachio is called «green gold», in Iran pistachio export makes 10% of total exports. The figure is close to Uzbekistan’s cotton export. Regretfully, being an ideal place for pistachio production and a home for many varieties, Uzbekistan, is the pistachio importer. Therefore, it makes sense to plant pistachios in Uzbekistan.


The greatest constraint is the fact that the farmer obtains the initial profit only 5-7 years after, but there are mitigation means to get income quicker by planting and growing different cultures in pistachio row-spacing. Investments made in pistachio plantation bring profit during the lifetime of a farmer and his descendants. The lifetime of a pistachio tree is over 1000 years.

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