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Congratulations you are officially signed up & I am so excited to help get you going!

My name is Jennifer Miller & I am from Alexander City, AL! I have been married to my Husband Jason for over 16 years now! We have 2 children! My son Collin is 15 & my daughter Cami (and Origami Owl Partner) is 13! We have a pretty normal family but I want bore you with my life story! However, I will start when I found Origami Owl!

I had seen Origami Owl through a lady, Lindsay Carrow (my mentor) on facebook! My daughter & I loved it from the start! The pictures was so beautiful & the charms just looked so tiny!!! It was love at 1st site! So I asked can you send me information? I wanted 1 for us so bad! We got the book decided to sign up for the kit/discount & the rest is history! We jumped on the Origami Owl Train & never looked back! What a wonderful decision indeed! Our passion for the product through even tough growing periods in the company has never let the fire be put out! Cami & I believe we truly have grew from this company not only financially but it has humbled us in so many ways!

The moto is being a Force for good & putting together these lockets truly have allowed us to be! When we sell Origami Owl we are not just selling Lockets! We are helping ladies who just stumbled upon us, some who have heavy burdens & needed someone to listen as they told their story! Some with lost love ones & needed a way to hold them dear! Some ladies looking for a way to make extra money & meet new friends! We are more than Jewelry Sellers! We are a Team! A team of ladies looking for a way to change our lives, helping others, making a difference even if its with just a sincere smile! Over 2 years later of loving/selling Origami Owl we have grew our business beyond our wildest dreams! And you can too! I am devoted as not only a friend to you but as a mentor to help guide you to running an easy & successful home business! Welcome to our Team Hoot for the Stars!!! Together we will all shoot for the Stars!

Now that I've signed up what do I do next?

When your kit arrives begin by locating the Start Living Your Dreams Book! Pick a date for your Jewelry Bar Debut & be sure to let me know! I am your cheer leader! I will help you any way I can! Log into your back office, explore your training materials! Order your business cards! Locate the Whooo do you know form inside the booklet (pg. 38). Use this list for planning your debut Jewelry Bar, organizing contacts for your 02 Connection Newsletter & to identify who would be interested in learning more about your 02 Business! Put together your new locket & where it everyday! So many people will see it & love it! With this business it truly is earning made easy!

Just Remember!

You are not in this alone! As a mentor it important to me to help you any way I can! I want you to succeed in Accomplishing your Dreams & I know you can with Origami Owl! If you need anything its my job to help with answering your questions, This Welcome Letter is also a request! If your serious about doing your best & going the distance! Please reach back to me! I want to be your business partner & friend! I want to hear your story too! Do you have a family? Why did you choose Origami Owl? How much money do you want to make with you Origami Owl? If you have been doing this awhile I hope you know I am here! Even on your darkest days & you just want to give up! Don't stop, keep pressing on, don't lose passion in your business! Always remember the reason you began & FOCUS! Focus on where you want this journey to take you! And it will happen! I believe in you! You are a Rock Star! We are a Team "Together Everyone Achieves More!"

Jennifer & Cami Miller, Independent Designers & Directors for Origami Owl ID #1658

Welcome to the Team! Connect with us on Facebook to be added to Our Team Group Hoot for the Stars!!! You can meet other local designers & always know 1st hand when team meetings are!

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