Key to Personalizing Literacy

Meeting students' needs in reading & writing by conferring

What the Research Says About Silent Sustained Reading...

"..ScSR suggests that silent reading programs can be improved if the teacher makes several proactive decisions, including structuring, guiding, teaching, interacting with, monitoring, and holding students accountable for time spent reading independently and silently."

"Know thy impact..." John Hattie

Reader's Workshop is the Framework!

Reader's Workshop is the framework that allows teachers to work with students one-on-one or in small groups to provide powerful and targeted instruction to students. The independent reading time is crucial for students to develop reading fluency and comprehension when, and only when, that reading is focused around a targeted goal. Students must have a focus when they are reading or else it loses its effectiveness. When students are reading, the teacher as well as the student themselves, should know what they are working on and that work must be visible for student accountability and reflection.