My Life as a Noble

By: Lord Ran Trakhtengerts

My Responsibilities

1. I must protect my land and that of my king's whenever necessary.

2. I must earn money to support my family and a dowry for my daughter's husband.

3. I must support my servants and settle any disputes between them.

4. I must attend court whenever I am called upon.

My Restrictions and Benefits

1. I am allowed to hunt.

2. I am not allowed to do manual labor.

3. I am allowed to hold office in the government, court, or military.

4. I am allowed to take a portion of crop yields and earnings of anyone below me.

My Daily Life

1. I wake up and go to morning Mass.

2. I then go eat breakfast.

3. After breakfast, I attend to business, financial, and political discussions as well as familial decisions.

4. I would then study the arts (music, poetry).

5. Then weapons practice.

6. After lunch, I hunt or tend to matters around the estate.

7. After supper, there may be some entertainment (dancing, music, jesters).

8. Then I go to sleep.