Theology Semester Exam

Caleb Wages

The Original State of Man

Adam and Eve lived in perfect harmony with God. Our first parents were told that that could have everything in the garden except the fruit for the Tree of Good and Evil. Adam and Eve had no worries or sickness while they lived with God because no sin had been committed and everything was perfect in the world. The devil in the form of a serpent tempted Eve to eat from the tree and she did, then she gave it to Adam and The First Sin was committed. They soon were exposed to sickness, death, their nakedness, and sin. God expelled them from the Garden and a gap was formed between God and Man.
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Original Sin and Its Consequences

After the First Sin was committed, which was disobeying God and eating from the Tree, Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden. Like explained in the previous subject they were exposed to sickness, death, sorrow, and they were exposed to all the evils of the world including sin. Original Sin is with all of us from birth and we have to have the sacrament of Baptism to redeem us from this. This sin from out First Parents allowed sin to be in the world so now sin is always around us.
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The Word Became Flesh

When Jesus was born the words of a Messiah and Savior that had been passed down form God and Mosses became Flesh when Jesus was born.

1. To make expiation for sins, reconcile man with God, and restore human nature lost by sin.

2.To manifest the infinite depth of God's love.

3. To offer a model of holiness

4. To allow people to share in his divine life

Jesus reconciled man with God when he died on the Cross for our sins. Jesus manifested God's love on Earth by teaching us that our sins can be forgiven and by starting the Church on Earth. He showed us the way that we should live our life and how we should be people of God. Through his death and coming back to life he forgave our sins and allowed us to go to heaven to be with God.

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The Paschal Mystery

The Paschal Mystery is the passion, death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus was born he was sent by God to die for our sins so that we could be saved. Through the passion he has for everyone of us, through his death and most importantly through his Resurrection from death we were saved from our sins and the bonds of Original Sin was broken and we were able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
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The Theological Virtues

The Theological Virtues are given to us as a model or way to live our life.

1. Faith is the absolute belief in God and all of his teachings even if we have not seen them with our own eyes, but we put our trust in God and believe.

2. Hope gives us the power to put our trust in God. In order to have faith we need hope and trust to believe in the teachings and the things presented to us by Jesus and The Father.

3. Charity is the virtue that will help us love our neighbor and love the person next to us more than ourselves the way Jesus did when he gave his life for us.


Prayer is the way that we communicate to God, we cant just call up God on the phone we have to quiet or selves and pray. You can go to his house which is the church and you can pray, but prayer doesnt always have to be spoken out loud, be by yourself or even with words at all. Their is no specific way to pray, prayer is different for everybody. You can talk out loud to God, you can pray with other people and offer up your worries together or you can just quiet yourself and sit in God's presence.
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The Four Marks of The Church

1. The Church is One- This is how we show that the church is unique and there is nothing else like it. Jesus only established One Church. Just like there is One God in three people.

2. The Church is holy- When something is Holy it is set apart by God and the Church is holy because it was made by God and made for his worship. The Church helps teach us the how holy God is and trys to help us to follow a holy life.

3. The Church is Catholic- Catholic means universal and the Church of God has no boundaries, it has no limits, and it has no preferences. The Church is Universal because it is for everyone that wishes to be apart of it no matter who they are.

4. The Church is Apostolic- This is because we continue to teach the works done by the Apostles and the things passed down and taught by the many followers of Christ before us.

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The Last Things

For all people Death is inevitable no matter who you are, what you believe, or what you do. Eventually all people will die, but what happens after your death is entirely up to you.

When you die if you have lived a good Christian life you will go to Heaven were you will be with God for the Rest of Eternity and you will live a glorious and perfect life in Harmony with the creator. If you die and you rejected God, you chose to turn away from him then you will live in eternity with complete seperation from God and you will be in Hell with out that perfection and Harmony that you would have in Heaven with God. The Second Coming of Jesus will be when we are all Judged. He will come to judge the living and the dead and he will make the decision on if you will live in perfect harmony with God or in total seperation in Hell. Purgatory is the place that we go before we go to Heaven, when we die we still have sins that need to be forgiven and our souls still need to be cleaned so we go to Purgatory where we are cleaned so that our souls can be in the presence of God the Father.


The Parousia is the Second Coming of Jesus. At this coming Jesus will not only judge all of the people, but our bodies have now been made immortal and our souls will rejoin them so that we may live in Harmony with God in Heaven or damnation in Hell with out God. When this happens all of Gods plans will have been completed and The Lord will have completely triumphed over Sin and Evil.
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