BowKen University

A performing Arts Charter College

Our Mission!

We want to give every student a fighting chance to pursue a career in fine arts whether rich or poor. We believe that the world doesn't get a chance to see the truely amazing artists and performers in the world because they dont have the money or the knowledge on how to accomplish their dreams. We strive to get our students on the right path to their dreams and get the right academic education. Our school gives every student who enters an oppurtunity. Your dream is our dream, so lets make it a reality.

School hours!

Tuesday - Thursday -> Class days

Friday (8:00am - 6:00pm) -> Performing Arts Practice day (may not leave during these hours w/o excused miss)

Saturday - Monday -> free leave day/visiting day

Spring Performance Auditioning day

Tuesday, April 26th, 2am-4pm

BowKen University auditorium

At the end of every school year our school holds a Spring performance for all students and the town to enjoy before our students leave for summer break. We hold auditions for this spring performance on Tuesday the 26th, all day. This event shows us, the student body and the town how far you have come with your talents throughout the year. The auditions will be held in the University's auditorium from 9:00AM to 4:00pm. All talents are accepted into the auditions. The judges will choose up to 10 winners and will present the winners at the end of the day. Each winner will receive a trophy and a plaque stating that they will be performing in the end of the year celebration. This event is something every student looks forward to and loves watching. It is not only entertaining, but inspiring. It shows everyone watching how hard our students work to try and reach for their dream.

School enrollment auditioning

Thursday, June 2nd, 8am to Saturday, June 4th, 5pm

BowKen University Auditorium

BowKen University holds 3 day auditions for the upcoming students who want to attend the school. During these 3 day auditions we watch the students audition, we perform a background check, then we interview them. If the student passes every stage then we choose the student to become a wolf! - We do not have a limit on how many students we allow into the school and we do not worry about the students academics or money circumstances until we have welcomed them as a student of the school.