What is Bunburying?

What is Bunburying? Bunburying is probably the most fun you could have with your life.It is when you make an alternate identity so that you can always live that life that you couldn't do because of your responsibilities.. There are all sorts of things you can do with your second life that its almost unnecessary not to Bunbury. I know what your thinking, that this would be to hard to do and you would probably get caught,well im hear to give you instructions on how to maximize your Bunburying experience and teach you how to stay safe when you are doing so.


So if your still interested in bunburying than you will need a few things. Here is a list to help assure the most out of your bunburying.

  1. You will first need a other identity
  2. a new look
  3. also a new place to live
  4. don't forget a way to get around
  5. if your interested in a new wife, then make it happen
  6. make sure to get a credit card
  7. a new wardrobe just to be safe


Now that your here you can't go back so here are the steps to get away with all your fancy luxury that you want.

  1. You need to plan out all the stuff that you are going to buy
  2. when you buy your first item you need to make sure that it is purchased with a different credit card but if is expensive then don't use cash because it causes attention
  3. when you purchased an item make sure you have a place to put it and make sure that the credit card doesn't find its way back to your 1st family
  4. now make sure that your luxury items that you have purchased don't get stolen because you never know who might find out about them.

that is how to buy the items that you have always wanted but couldn't have in your normal life.


I know most people are happy in love and have kids, but come on you know you have wanted to try having a new wife and possibly new kids so here is a list of how to do so and ensue maximum safety wile doing so.

  1. find somebody that lives far away or have her move far away
  2. make sure that your two spouses will never ever see each other or else things will go bad.
  3. if and when you decide to have more kids you will need to make sure that they go to school far away from your other family
  4. make sure that your wives have jobs that could never be involved with each other
  5. you need your transitions between families to be as smooth as possible to ensure that nobody will ever get suspicious.
  6. if you have the money you should send your kids to a private school to ensure that they never see your other kids or potentially befriend them

That is the basic guide if you are wanting a 2nd families and if you do then you need to execute everything perfectly r else you will lose both families.


Not everything is good because if you are not perfect and cautious with every move you make will be setting yourself up to fail so here are all the dangers if you are starting to get worried

  • if your family is asking questions than you know you are in trouble.
  • if your wife number 1 is getting mail from your other life then you need to change it and don't let her see them
  • If your family meets your other family then you need to bail or divorce one of them
  • If you have two wedding rings then make sure you take them off when switching because that could mean trouble
  • if your family is asking were you got something and you bought it with your other family then you need to play that off

that is just a brief list of things that could go wrong and if you want to learn how to keep those from happening then look below


If you are going to Bunbury then this section is essential for you to know in order to keep your life in balance

  • Make a separate mail box or p.o box for your second life
  • Make your transitions smooth and take off any of your other life items such as rings or wigs
  • keep your "business hours" the same to make your wives believe you
  • buy things on the right credit card to keep the luxury side for crossing over
  • make sure everything is 100% right when you begin to transition

As you can see these are simple but helpful ways to ensure maximum safety when you decide to start Bunburying.