building a restaurant

Start Planning your Restaurant

When starting a restaurant or any type of business you will always want to have a precise plan that provides...

  • Market research

  • Comprehensive look at competitors

  • Target audience

  • Solid budget

  • Location that draws crowds

  • Type of food you'll serve

  • Design of restaurant

  • How restaurant will run

Making a prophet

When thinking about money while building a restaurant you might want to consider doing the following…

  • Know how much money you will need to get your restaurant off the ground

  • Take three pools of money out of the bank

  1. Money of equipment

  2. Money to cover restaurant expenses

  3. Personal money for bills (enough for 6 weeks)

  • Save enough money for problems down the road.

Promoting your restaurant

When we think about building a restaurant we don't often think about how am i going to get people to come here well maybe consider the following…

  • Make a functional website for all

  • Post on social networking sites

  • Publicize your restaurants at local activities

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

-Steve Jobs