De Soto Sets Sail to New World

Spanish explorer, Hernando de Soto sails to unexplored land

Who is De Soto?

Hernando de Soto was born in Barcarrota, Spain in the 1500s. Ever since a kid, Hernando wanted to explore the West Indies even though his parents wanted him to be a lawyer. He lived in the family manor in a town with extreme poverty. de Soto had 1 other sibling, named, Juan Mendez de Soto. Hernando was very fortunate to have someone to pay his school tuition as many other people weren't as fortunate to even go to school.
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The Voyage To Peru

In 1532, Hernando de Soto was second in command on Francisco Pizarro's expedition. He was a conquistador. They both marched into Peru for fame, money, and for another land for Spain. He also wanted to find one of the 7 cities of gold. He defeated the Inca tribe in a triumphant battle.
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De Soto marched out of Peru with pockets full of gold and a head held really high. He also had a lot of fame.
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