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January ❄️Newsletter

Dear Arthur O. Eve Family:

It’s a “New Year” here at the “Home of the Arts & Gifted and Talented Program.” I hope that you all had a restful and joyous holiday with loved ones and friends. As we prepare to start 2022, I must highlight that we ended 2021 here at Arthur O. Eve with a wonderful Holiday sing-along and a visit from Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s sister). This justifies that our stellar specialized programming is drawing attention both in and out of state.

With this in mind, we are looking forward to continuing our efforts of integrating the arts within the content area to maximize learning. With the topic of learning in mind, please note that Five Week Progress Reports will be mailed home on Monday, January 10th. In conjunction, considering we are approaching the “mid-year” mark, we will be conducing virtual/phone conferences with parents on Thursday, January 20th. Parents will have the option to choose either a virtual or phone conference. This will be an early release day for students (12:30 pm dismissal) which will make provision for teachers to conduct conferences in the afternoon/evening portion of the day. Classroom teachers will be personally contacting parents next week for scheduling.

In closing, keep in mind that although COVID safety protocols are preventing us from being able to allow visitors into the building, please remember that you can stay abreast of all the school happenings by “liking” our school’s Facebook Page. If you have yet to do so, I highly encourage you to consider. Having said this, I hope to see you all on our next virtual Coffee with the Principal event via Facebook live on January 14th; but until then, be well. As always, it is my greatest honor to serve as your principal.

Mr. Nathaniel W. Barnes, Principal

(716) 816-3400

Did You Receive Your at Home COVID Test?

Click on the letter below from Mr. Barnes .

Reminder About Remote Learning

Students are only put into blended learning for 10 days if:

1) They test positive for COVID

2) They are sent home from the school nurse due to COVID symptoms

In the event that students are sent home, we encourage students to get tested so they can return to school prior to the 10 days if they test negative.

Principal's Reading Challenge

Every student should be reading for 15 minutes, nightly. For our youngest learners in Pre-K and Kindergarten, we ask that parents read to them. Each month, any student who reads at least 10 books or 10 chapters will receive a “golden” coin and be able to select a book from our school’s Book Vending Machine. Students must complete The Principal’s Reading Challenge Log and return it to their classroom to qualify.

In January, We Celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 👑

This national holiday celebrates Dr. King's life and legacy as a Civil Rights leader. Signed into law in 1983, the first MLK Day was celebrated in 1986 and is always celebrated on the third Monday in January.

On August 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., delivered his famous"I Have a Dream" speech to a massive group of Civil Rights marchers gathered around the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

  • This brief video explains the history behind Dr. King's speech.
  • Listen to this song by Common and John Legend that was inspired by the Selma to Montgomery March in which Dr. King participated for voting rights.
  • Click on the video below to watch The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President.
The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

Did You Know? 🎼 🎂 🎶

As a young boy, Stevie Wonder first heard about Dr. King during the Montgomery Bus Boycott. When he was 15 years old, Stevie was thrilled to meet Dr. King and shake his hand. Stevie originally intended to record the traditional 'Happy Birthday' song for Dr. King but realized he didn't know the music. As a result, he wrote his own version. Listen below to hear Stevie Wonder's tribute to Dr. King.

Happy Birthday

Language Development


Preschool readers are learning letter names, sounds and words – reading is very personal. Some like related stories i.e. Clifford, fairy tales, specific authors, current interests i.e. Spiderman, books in different sizes and books that rhyme. Preschoolers love bright, colorful illustrations and books that have different textures and sounds. Also, look for books that are about children who are 4 years old.

Begin to play simple games with pre schoolers, you can find sorting games which sort colors and simple shapes. Play preschool games of memory, bingo and games that require turn taking and following instructions. Look for games that are simple, easy to follow and will hold your child’s current interests. Keep pieces, board and instructions together. Remember to Play with them!

Children like to be quickly successful, so for example, if a Memory game has 20 matches (40 pieces) eliminate 10 of the matches so you only play with 20 pieces at a time, eliminate more matches for younger children and add matches as your child becomes more interested and more successful.

~Karen Miller, SLP

Character Counts! Trait of the Month: Courage

Courage is “the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.” On January 15th we will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday. Martin Luther King Jr. showed great courage and great faith in change.

How can you show Courage at Home?

  • Saying sorry. It takes courage to admit when you are wrong.
  • Try new things like food and games. Take responsibility and accountability.

How can you show courage at School?
  • Stand up for a friend in need.
  • Raise your hand in class to ask a question.
  • Do the right thing, even if others are not.

Having courage helps children to persevere against challenges, and in the process it raises their self-esteem. When children feel good about themselves and see that they have the personal power to make courageous choices, they are more likely to lead personally satisfying and successful lives.

CC! Student of the Month

Congratulations to Heaven L.!

We are very proud of the fact that you were nominated as a student in your grade-level who has demonstrated Fairness during the month of December. You will now be a key student in helping us uphold quality “CHARACTER” within our school. Congratulations on being selected as the Student of the Month. You will be honored and acknowledged in the morning announcements. Keep up the great work and continue to strive for greatness!


Mr. Barnes, Principal

Mrs. Bush, Assistant Principal

Monthly School 61 Calendar 🗓

Copies of the January School Calendar were sent home with students last week. You can also view the monthly calendar by clicking on the PDF below or going to our School website here.

January Lunch Menu 🥪🧃🍌

You can view it on the Food Service Department website here. Select "translate" to view it in Spanish or Bengali.


There is NO SCHOOL on Monday, January 17th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday.

Please mark your calendars:

Thursday, January 20th is an Early Release Day for School 61. Dismissal is at 12:30 pm.

It is also our Virtual Parent Conferences. Details will be sent home soon, as well as posted on Dojo and our Facebook Page.


Gifted and Talented 🧪 🔭 🔬 💫

As we begin 2022 all grade levels will be learning new GT skills. Our kindergarten students will be finishing up a unit on patterns, by creating their own instrument and using their instrument to make a rhythmic pattern. Then, they will begin learning about attributes of objects and how to classify objects into groups. Our First and Second Graders will be practicing using their 6 Thinking Hats throughout the month of January by rotating through several stations where they will be given a “hat” to put on while completing a task. Using de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats allows students to think through problems with different perspectives and enhances their creative thinking skills. Finally, our Third and Fourth Grade students will be using S.C.A.M.P.E.R., an approach to reimagining and improving products that already exist. I am excited for all the creative thinking that will happen in our gifted and talented classes this month!

From the Classroom 📚

Pre-K is excited to welcome a new year! Our new month of 2022 we will be learning about different types of animals and their attributes. We will also learn different habitats for the animals. --Ms. Fisher, Mrs. McGarvey, Mrs. L. Miller and Mrs. Roberts.

Happy New Year!! The Kindergarten students have put away the old year and are focusing on 2022. We are leaving any bad in the old year and focusing on the good.

Let's be back ready to listen and learn! In Kindergarten, for ELA, the boys and girls will continue to work on writing sentences, blending, and reading simple sentences and books. In math, the children will finish learning about length. Next, we will move on to weight, capacity, and additional work with numbers 1-10. Parents do not forget to have your child be rested and prepared with bookbags, homework, and folders to come to school. Please give them a reminder about great behavior.

Room 114 continues to work on following routines and transitioning. In math we are now beginning module 3 and learning about measurement. In ELA we continue to learn about reading skills such as phonics, sight words, and writing. Please remember to check your child's take-home folder and empty it out each night. -Mrs. Brown-Reid, Mrs. Gentzler, Ms. Gibson and Ms. Rosa

First Grade will hit the ground running after our Winter Recess. In reading we will continue to build our literacy skills in the areas of fluency and decoding and in math we will continue to work on addition and subtraction to 20. Please remember to send your child to school with sneakers if they are wearing snow boots. --Mrs. Barrett, Mrs. Fischer and Ms. Murray

The Second Graders are working on Place Value in math and learning about Superstorms in ELA. The student of the month is Damian K. He is always on task and follows the rules. --Ms. Graves, Mrs. Janas, and Ms. Lee

Happy New Year! This year has FLEW BY for Third Grade! Just a few things to remember as we get ready to start the New Year.

  1. Attendance, Attendance, attendance! Attendance is very important. When your child isn't in school, he or she isn't learning. We can send work home that they missed and extra work etc. However, when they miss school, they missed the instruction that goes along with that work. Many of our students and your children are behind from last year. Let's work together to get them where they need to be. The very first way is by getting them to school.
  2. Reading, Reading, Reading! The best way to become a better reader is simply by reading. Read to your child, with your child, have your child read to you or someone at home. Anytime you child says, "They don't have homework." Have them read. 15-20 minutes of reading a night is important.
  3. Math, Math, Math! Math fact fluency at this age is very important to build on hard skills in later grades. Your child should be fluent in addition and subtraction facts by now. If they are not buy a set of flash cards and practice at home for 5-10 minutes a night. Next, we have to get them fluent in multiplication and division. By the end of 3rd grade, they should be fluent in all four operations.
  4. Homework: Many times we get Class Dojo messages about homework. For Ms. Zasowski's classes ELA and Social Studies you can always look on Schoology for the homework assignments in the Homework folders. If there is no homework listed there they are to do Core 5 and complete 5 units of study. --Ms. Morgan and Ms. Zasowski

November has been a busy and productive month for our Fourth Graders. We have continued to complete our DIBELS progress monitoring as well as administered two CFA’s in both Reading and Math. These assessments are strictly for our school and teachers to evaluate students’ progress thus far in the school year. Analyzing this data will allow us to provide thoughtful and differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each and every one of our students to assure their success. We have continued to incorporate the arts across our curriculum making and designing books and researching recipes. Students have been focusing on writing and responding to short response questions in preparation for our New York State English Language Arts. Currently in Math we have begun to explore area and perimeter as well as a variety of strategies to solve multiplication problems. Thank You again for your ongoing support! --Mrs. Kwiatek, Mr. Robson, and Mrs. Vangelista

Monthly Recognitions

Artists of the Month: Nandi Bushell & Andrea Pitter

Author of the Month: Jacqueline Woodson

Counseling Corner

Parents, Guardians, and Students,

Here Are Some Tips to Help Students Manage Anxiety and Stress During the Holidays:

While holidays can be a welcome break from assignments and school, this year’s holiday season will look different due to the pandemic. Many families won’t be able to travel or meet in large groups, holiday traditions will be altered, and students may not get to spend time with loved ones. The pandemic has also caused many hardships on families, including financial stress and food insecurity.

  1. Help students understand what is happening. Having a simple and age-appropriate conversation about what is going on and why the holidays might look different this year can help alleviate students’ anxiety and stress. Ask students how they are feeling. Listen to them and validate their feelings by telling them it’s ok to feel sad, disappointed, or angry.
  2. Sit down with the whole family to brainstorm a list of activities each member would find fun and entertaining. Keep the conversation light and help set expectations about what is possible this year.
  3. Uphold generational traditions and take this as an opportunity to create some new ones for the holidays. You can keep up your usual celebratory practices or adjust them to abide by COVID-related regulations if need be. New traditions can include everything from crafting and baking to physical activities and community service.

Mrs. Alyssa Moran, School Psychologist

Mrs. Vickie Gillison, School Social Worker

If you have any concerns regarding your child's academic, social-emotional, or behavioral skill development, please complete this Request for Assistance Form

Attention 4th Grade Families:

Hello 4th Grade Parents and Guardians!

Please review the following updates in regards to the application process for the 2022-23 school year. All 4th graders will need to complete an application for 5th grade. It is due by Friday February 11, 2022. There are two (2) ways to submit an application:

1. You may submit online here. Please follow the steps, make your school choices and sign off.


2. After the winter break I will be sending home a paper copy to all of the 4th graders. You only need to submit ONE (either online or paper)

    Please remember a few things:

    1. ONLY the guardian of the child may complete and sign off the application
    2. If you are interested in Performing Arts please call or text me directly (716) 393-8712. There is an audition process as well as recommendations will need to be completed.
    3. After the New Year, all of the 4th graders will be taking the Olmsted/City Honors test during the school day at 61. The date has not been determined. If you wish for your child to NOT take the test there will be an OPT out letter that you can sign and return to school. You do NOT need to put Olmsted/City Honors on the application. I strongly suggest completing an application and picking additional choices as well.
    4. Try and have at least 3 options (you can have up to 5) in case there are no openings at the particular first choice or 2nd choice.
    5. I am in the process of personally contacting all of the families individually. So if you have not heard from me or received a message from me. Please contact me when you have a moment.

If you have any questions at anytime please do not hesitate to call or text me at (716) 393-8712.

Thank you!!!

Jillian Miller, Guidance Counselor

Notes from the Nurse

It is mandatory for Pre K, K, 1st, and 3rd graders to have a Physical/Health Appraisal for 2021-2022. Letters have been sent home in the students' book bags. Parents, please make an appointment with your Pediatrician ASAP. You can send in a copy of the Physical /Health Appraisal if dated after 9/8/2020 to school with your student or have the Pediatrician fax a copy to 716-838-7436. Thank you!

Health Tip for January:

Turn off the TV and video games at least one hour prior to bedtime. Take time to relax, take a bath or shower, brush your teeth, and pack up for the morning – and still get to bed by 8:00pm!

~Nurse Leigh

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