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Our Plan For the End of the School Year

School is out for the school year on May 19th. Teachers will have lessons is their google classrooms and on zoom up until the 15th of May. We will have some special all school zoom meetings planned on the 18th and 19th.

One of the special meetings we are planning for is a virtual celebration for our eight graders. Usually we do special celebration for our 8th graders but obviously that can't happen in the same way this year. We are in still in the planning stages. More details to come soon.

Library Books

We are now collecting library books in 2 locations. There is a cart outside the school entryway and a dropbox at the Pleasant Valley Store. The box at the school will be available from 8:00-4:00 Monday- Friday. Books can be dropped at the store from 9:00-8:00 every day of the week. We would like to say thank you to Pleasant Valley Store for allowing the dropbox there. Hopefully that will add some convenience and flexibility to this process.

Chromebooks, Textbooks & Instruments

Chromebooks, textbooks and Instruments need to be returned to the school during the week of May 11th-15th. We will be at the school to collect those items from 9:00- 4:00. If you cannot make it during this time please call the school and we will make other arrangements for you.

The Website

Please go to the school's website to find teacher contact information and Zoom links. For security reasons there you must be logged into your student's Google account to view the contact information and zoom meeting links. If you are not logged in, Google will ask you to request permission and I will get an email to approve that.

Due to exponential growth recently Zoom is addressing security concerns and is now requiring a password for each meeting. Starting tomorrow the password will be the teacher's last name. So if your student is going to music class it would be the music teacher's last name. I know some teachers have already sent out emails with passwords tomorrow those passwords will be changed to the teacher's last name. Sorry for the confusion here. We did not expect this change and we are trying to make Zoom as easy as possible for parents. All teachers' contact information is on the website incase you do not know a staff member's last name.

Please feel free to email me directly if you are having problems with the website or zoom passwords.

Website link: