Causes Of The American Revolution

1763-1776 by. Landry Case

American Revolution

These acts that i'm going tell you about is what had lead up to the American Revolution. All of these acts made a huge impact on how every thing was taken are of. The causes of Revolution were the stamp act, Townshed act 1767, the Boston Tea Party, The Boston Massacre 1770, The Tea act 1773, Proclamation of 1763, and the Quartering Act of 1765 the Navigation Act 1763, the 1st Continental Congress 1774, and the Coercive Acts of 1774. Yes i do think that the colonists were justified in declaring from England.

Navigation Acts - (1650-1700)

This Act restricted laws to trade in the 13 colonies. one of the laws were that you could oly buy the manufactured goods from England. And you could only sell the raw materials to England. The most significant impact of the navigation act was the currency act. Which had passes in 1764.
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Townshend Acts

the Townshend act was passed in 1767. This act made the colonists pay taxes on the important goods such as tea, glass, and paper and many other items. In 1770 they went through a protest which had worked and repealed most of the taxes.

The Boston Massacre

The Boston made many people angry. One of the events that had happen in the Boston Massacre was that the Britain sent more soldiers to Boston who colonists resisted taxes. The colonists were so angry they had threw at the soldiers and some shots were even fired.

The Tea Act and Boston Tea Party

The tea act was passed in 1773 this act had made the company only allowed to sell tea. The price of the tea was lower but the colonists were still very angry because they were forced to pay import taxes to Britain. On December 16, 1773 the Sons Of Liberty, disguised as American Indians, illegally they had bordered the ships and spilled 342 crates of tea into the Boston Harbor.
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Coercive Act

The laws of the Coercive Act were all passed in spring of 1774 which the colonists also called the intolerance act. These laws had stopped all trade between the Boston and Britain, did not allow town meetings which gave Britain all control of the colony.
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