My Dream Vacation By: Emily Kilgo

My dream vacation

My dream vacation is to go to Hawaii

My destination is located in Honolulu, Hawaii

I want to visit Hawaii because its Beautiful

Hawaii makes my destination amazing because there's a lot of activities

Hawaii facts

  1. Hawaii is the 50th state
  2. Hawaii is the only state that grows coffee
  3. Hawaii was formed by volcanoes
  4. Hawaii is the only state with a time zone
  5. Hawaii is home to the worlds largest wind generator
  6. Hawaii is the only state comprised solely of islands
  7. The name Hawaii comes from the proto-polynesian : Hawaiki
  8. The Hawaiian language only has 12 letters
  9. Tourism is Hawaii's largest source of outside income
  10. The life expectancy for Hawaiians is 80 years old


It will take 8 hours and 20 minutes to get to Hawaii

It is 3,794 miles away

I'm going to go to Hawaii with Hannah Pevateaux

I will get there by plane

We will stay 1 month

Lodging in Hawaii

We are staying in a hotel

The hotel is a resort in Hawaii

I will need to pack clothes, bathroom stuff, shoes, and Phone charger/ electronics


The trip will cost $3467

Lodging $329

Spending money $2000

Food $400

Travel $200

Airfare $338

Gas $200


Go to the beach

Go surfing

Go shopping