Excessive Homework


Too Much Homework at a Young Age

For 1st-3rd grade students, homework load has doubled in the last twenty years ("Homework").

Well....so what?

Research shows that more homework does not benefit children at this young of an age (“Homework”).

Too much homework cuts into children's playtime ("Homework").

Misdiagnosis of ADHD has become more common (“Too Much”).

Most of the time, it’s the parents who are doing the homework for children when they are so young (“Too Much”).

The Negative Effects of Excessive Homework on Student Health

  • Increase in stress levels
  • Decrease in amount of sleep per night
  • Use of harmful stimulants

Excessive Homework Encourages Negative Behaviors and Discourages Positive Behavior

  • too much homework can lead to cheating, especially in gifted students with a heavy course load ("Academic")
  • cheating doesn't help students grades or knowledge ("Stop")
  • homework is "killing a nation of readers." ("What")
  • more than one to two hours of homework everyday has negative effects ("What")
  • less homework leaves more time for sports and other inspiring activities

Rebuttal: Benefits of Homework

  • Bridge between parents and teachers to see how their child's/student's education is developing
  • Helps develop studying skills and work ethic students will need for future education and employment
  • As homework becomes more technologically based, students are learning the technological skills that are necessary to communicate in today's workplace and in society in general

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