vampire bats

learn about these amazing bats! By: Gage U

Where do vampire bats live?

Vampire bats live mostly in central and south America and some islands by south America.

What do vampire bats eat ? Is it a carnivore?

Vampire bats eat nothing. They drink insects blood to be feed the most common blood they drink is moth blood. They are considered a carnivore because moths are meat but they don't eat the body.

Is a vampire bat vertebrate or invertebrate?

A vampire bat is a vertebrate. It even has bones in its wings.

How does vampire bats adapt to survive?

Vampire bats hang from the top of caves to let no animal go up and eat them.

Just some Facts

  • There are three types of vampire bats common, hairy legged, and white winged
  • Vampire bats only weigh 40g at the most
  • Can consume 20g of blood in a 20 minute feed
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