The three little pigs and the wolf

By Arkhi

The three little pigs and the big bad wolf

Once upon a time there was a big bad pig that lived in a land called Pig Land. The three wolves came to build their houses in Pig Land. The first one builds his with stinky socks..

The second wolf builds his with bricks. The third one builds his with metal bolts and electricity. The big bad pig tries to blow the three houses down but he can’t do it!

The first reason is because by the smelly socks. The second reason is because os the bricks and the third reason is because os the metal, bolts and electricity.

But the big bad pig wasn’t fooled! He got his gas mask and knocked the first pig’s house down. Then he got his drill and drilled the second house until the bricks broke.

The last house was hard to knock down. He touched the house boom! He disappeared. All os the wolves were happy that the pig was gone.

They lived happily ever after. The End. By Arkhi