Good to You - Good for You


Life is a struggle that's why we got to juggle and

if you're just not sure get down in prayer.

Are you there? Get down in prayer He'll take you where You can hear

and Where there's no fear It's His way He'll steer.

A straight path With Protection from HIS wrath.


His wrath Just do the math.

Listen to what He will say to ya

Oh Yes,

it's the way for ya.

Believe His WORD It will make you sure without a slur.

Cause it's what you say that will make your life just gray.

So look in shades of color

Because God is Creator of ALL

and there is no other.

He gave us breath and saved us from death.

His only begotten Son

Yea He's THE ONE.

He gave up his life for our pain and strife.

He got death's key just to set us free.

Now He lives and on His throne is where He be.

You just can't flee No matter how you see

down on both knees is where we will all be.

Faith Hope Love all come from above.

Our help is in the name of the Lord who made heaven and earth.

by rcw

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