Wired on Wednesday

October 7, 2015

Yes, YouTube will be unlocked for students 2nd quarter, but...

...if they use too much bandwidth, tech will have to lock it down again. :(

So what does this mean? If students need to watch the same video, continue to watch the video on the smartboard as a class. If, instead, you ask each student to watch the video on a device that's 20+ devices sucking up our bandwidth for something that isn't necessary.

There are many benefits to this change. Getting media projects off iPads will be less cumbersome, if you're trying a flipped classroom - no more having to house your videos on other sites for students to access during school,...and so many more!

Gmail will be available with school Google accounts after Fall Break!

Outlook will continue to be our main email account for district communication, but with the district opening up Gmail to students & teachers, collaboration in Google will make soooo much more sense.

Things you'll notice:

  • In Drive, when something is shared with you, you'll receive an email notifying you of it.
  • In Classroom, when students make comments, you'll receive an email about it.

Does it drive you crazy when students forget their password to log on to the computer?

Now students can register their password with the district which will allow them to access their account without a work order!

If you'd like your students to sign up for this fabulous service, have each student login to a computer (check one out from the learning commons), go to the link below & follow the instructions. It's really simple and takes no more than 5 minutes. After registering, the next time students forget their password, the home screen will prompt them with a "Forgot Your Password?" link so that they can reset their own password. It's a wonderful thing!!

All freshmen have already registered during Learning Commons orientation.