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Week beginning 12th November

What every parent wants.... to raise their child as a reader.

There are many things parents want for their children; for them to be happy, sociable, successful and of course literate and numerate. Julie Falatko has written a great blog post for anyone looking for advice on how to raise a reader. It really is worth exploring.
You will probably also want your child to be curious and inquisitive; if so Wonderopolis is a fabulous website to really get them thinking. There is a different wondering everyday so there's no excuse to be bored!

Reading miles. Are you involved?

Around 20 children have already completed the challenge.

If you missed the reading Miles Passport the first time around you can download your own copy from here. It really takes no work, you just need to tick off 500 miles each time you read for 20 minutes. Certificates awarded in assembly, you become a better reader and you get to enter the prize draw. Why say no?