Tropical Rainforest Borneo

Mira Mohler

Tropical Rainforest Borneo's Animals

In the middle of the beautiful rainforest of Borneo is a peferct resort to stay at. The resort is 50 minitus away from the busy city in Miri.

Activites you can do at Borneo Resort

There are many things that you can do at the resort such as:

-Night walking

-Nature walk

-Hanging Bridge


Borneo's Rainforest Engangerd Animals

What you need to bring on the trip.

Things that you should bring for a hike and a camping site is :


-Hiking backpack

-Rain cover

-Walking stick

-Head lamp

-Rain coat

Why is the rainforest globally important?

The rainforest is home to many different spices and endangered ones. The rainforest also captures and store carbon, Protect watersheds and is great for decomposition and nutrient- cycle. But people are logging the trees and logging can change the climate and changing the weather can affect the animals living there too.

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