AppleTV Day!

With Susan Drumm & Kelly Moore

An Apple(TV) A Day........


This Friday, December 12th, Susan Drumm and Kelly Moore will be at HRE for the day to lead small sessions on AppleTV within your grade level meetings. We will meet first as a grade level/small group, then break out into individual sessions in your own classroom.

Prior to Friday, please be absolutely certain that:

  • Your iPad software is fully updated - directions below.
  • Your Apple TV software is fully updated - directions below.
  • Your sound from your computer works properly (when playing a video from your computer for example).

We are looking forward to assisting you on Friday!

Best Wishes,

Susan and Kelly

Updating your iOS.....

  • Please make sure your iPad is updated to the latest iOS!
  • Please update at home, not at school.
  • You should do this with a fully charged iPad
  • You should leave the cover of the iPad open, so the magnets don't turn off the device during the update - some have reported an update crash when they close the cover.
  • Steps: Settings>General>Software Update>Download & Install (may just say Install - may say you are up to date)

Updating your AppleTV.....

  • AppleTV's should be updated!
  • Steps: Settings>General>Software Updates>Update Software
  • You can choose Update Automatically if you'd like.
  • Updating can take 20 - 30 minutes or more, so wait to update when you have time to let it run.
Click here for a guide to your AppleTV!

This document reviews everything we will focus on with you and offers some troubleshooting tips. Please refer back to this document whenever you need to.