School Starts Tuesday, September 15

Logging Into Schoology as a Student

School starts on Tuesday, and it’s time to practice logging on to Schoology. All of your courses will take place in Schoology this year -- and it also has a place for our class meetings and assemblies.

Please do the following before Tuesday:

1. Log into your Chromebook. (Come get your Chromebook if you don’t have it!)

2. Go to the new DPHS website, David Prouty High School -- you will see Mr. Malone and Mrs. York!!!

3. Click on “Explore”, then “Students”, then “Schoology”

4. Log into Schoology using your school email and password (same as your Chromebook).

**If you have a problem with email or password or Chromebook or anything tech, call 508-885-8509 between 8:30-2:30 on school days, and the Tech Desk will help you.***

5. Schoology is a safe site. You may be asked to click “yes,” or “allow,” or to accept invitations. Click “yes,” and allow everything. That is how the system works.

6. If you are invited to a Group called "Learn to use Schoology," be sure to accept the invitation.

7. Across the top of your screen, you will see COURSES, GROUPS, RESOURCES, GRADE REPORT

8. Click on GROUPS.

9. Click into the “Learn to Use Schoology” group.

10. Watch the video.

11. You did it!!

Call or email the office if you have questions or concerns!

Mrs. York and Mr. Malone


On Tuesday, September 15, we will have a special schedule to get you started on Schoology, and to let you meet your teachers.

Log into Schoology between 8:45-9:00

Click into your grade's group. Follow the directions.

For every class, click into the class. Click into the Zoom link. Wait for your teacher to take attendance and give you directions.

9:00-9:30 A Block -- Click on your A Block class at 9

9:40-10:10 B Block -- Click on your B Block class at 9:40

10:20- 10:50 C Block -- Click on your C Block class at 10:20


11:30-12:00 D Block -- Click on your D Block class at 11:30

12:10-12:40 E Block -- Click on your E Block class at 12:10

1:00-1:50 National Honor Society Meeting (Members only, in NHS group)

12:45-1:05 9th grade meeting (In 9th grade group)

1:10-1:30 10th grade meeting (In 10th grade group)

1:35-1:55 11th grade meeting (In 11th grade group)

2:00-2:20 12th grade meeting (In 12th grade group)

First Week's Class Schedule

Tuesday, September 15 -- Special Schedule -- Welcome Back

Wednesday, September 16 -- Morning class: C Block Afternoon class: A Block

Thursday, September 17 -- Morning class: D Block Afternoon class: B Block

Friday, September 18 -- Morning class: E Block Afternoon class C Block


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