Wayne County 4-H

Enrollment Is Rolling Along!

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Enrollment is rolling along

This year's enrollment is rolling along well, we have roughly 70% of our 4-H members and 80% of our volunteers who have completed their portion of the online enrollment process. The next step, for our members, is to have the club advisors go into the system and approve their club members! Volunteers if you need help doing so, check out the how-to sheet available at wayne.osu.edu/help .

Still Need to Enroll?

If you have not made your 2018 4-H enrollment yet by logging into the system, please do so now! Each 4-H club must approve all members before the April 1st deadline. So, help your advisor and log into the system and get it done this weekend - That way your advisor has the opportunity to approve you before the April 1st deadline! To enroll visit http://oh.4honline.com . To view ho to videos and help sheets visit wayne.osu.edu/help .

Having an issue or need help?

If you are having issues with enrollment, logging into the system, or just have a question about the new process, please create a help ticket by visiting http://go.osu.edu/need4hhelp on your computer, tablet or phone.

Animal ID FAQ's

We have received some questions about the original animal ID tab mailing we sent out with the Quality Assurance letter last week. The answers to most of these animal ID issues are available on the website. On the website, you will discovery individual sheets for each species at wayne.osu.edu/help . On each of these sheets, you will find much more specific information on the input of information that is specific to your species. We have found these individual sheets answer most questions we have received! But as always if you have further questions, please call 330.264.8722 or send a help ticket.

To go along with this, there is no need to input your animal ID at this time. We would recommend waiting until Late April or early May for the June 1 species deadline and June or July for the species with deadlines of August 1st.